Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y - You!

I kept trying to think of something for "Y" that would entertain, but the harder I thought the more I felt compelled to write about YOU, my fellow-bloggers.

Just so you know, I can be a very sappy sentimental person so if I get a little too personal, I'm not really creepy, I'm just an effusively gushy person (at times.)

The first blogger I want to share is Sara at Make Music From Your Heart.

When I first started blogging in 2009 I came across Sara's blog and was immediately drawn to the sincere way she shares her life. I love that she has a page on her blog where you can share prayer requests! I love seeing the stage and props she and her team come up with for children's church. She is a pastor's wife who truly serves others and she shares so much of her life on her blog-even daily through the P365 weekly post.  Taking a picture each day has changed the way I view life. It's made me more thankful, more willing to create memories and a better photographer.  Sara's transparent posts about God's working in her life are always encouraging and often a little convicting. I'm glad to call Sara a bloggy friend!

The second blogger is Traci at Beneath My Heat.

Traci started blogging around the same time I did. She first started off sharing Wednesday posts about her mom, who had passed away from cancer and her posts were so endearing. I think I cried every Wednesday!  Traci has a love for all things decorating and she has a beautiful style. She's turned into quite the internet sensation and I still enjoy stopping by to see what new decorating project she's been up to. She's a sweet lady who loves so many things in life; her enthusiasm is infectious.

Many of you know Joyce From This Side of the Pond. Joyce talked a few of us into joining her in the A-Z Challenge and I have really enjoyed her tour through Asia this month! At church a few weeks ago a volunteer who serves with me started telling me about her spring break trip to China and I was so well-informed because of Joyce's blog. This friend asked if I had been there and I had to admit I just had family and friends who had shared that part of the world with me. Thanks for making me look so smart, Joyce! :)  I enjoy Joyce's posts about her family and adventures and I'm thrilled to have her as a bloggy friend too!

How many times can I brag about Sarah from In the Midst of It?  A lot! Sarah has literally changed my life. When I speak about her (and I do) I call her my bloggy friend from Texas. Sarah is another pastor's wife who embraces a simple country life. Sarah eased me into the idea of living on a farm and now with 41 chickens, horses and a dog I'd say I've fully assimilated!  Mark just came home from the farm store and is trying to talk me into turkeys. Stay tuned!  Anyway, Sarah is such a wonderful mother who has made her family a priority. She is super crafty and I decided to give quilting a chance after seeing the blankets that Sarah has made. I heart Sarah!

My two favorite bloggy grandmas are Nel at Fastenau Facts and Jewel at Down in My Little Valley. These are the sweetest ladies, y'all!  Nel is such a sweet lady who takes a real interest in other bloggers. I'm sure many of my readers can call Nel a friend.  I love how she shares her life, with candor and openness that's refreshing. She's such an upbeat person and I love that we've connected via bloggy-land.  Jewel is darling. I love how much she loves those grandbabies.  She makes me miss the older women in my own family! She is so spunky and honest. I love that she used to have to go to the library to blog; that's dedication! Thanks, ladies, for sharing your lives with us!

How about some new friends before we wrap up? Gail from Gail's Great Atlantic Northeast has become a faithful commenter on my blog. I thank you, Gail, for all the feedback!  I enjoy going to visit Gail's blog - you truly never know what you're going to read. She keeps the variety flowing. Gail strikes me as a pretty honest person and I'm all for having more of those kind of people in my life.  I appreciate Gail's encouragement and her new friendship!

My fellow blogger at Soscrappy has changed my crafting life! This woman gets a LOT done in a week; I sometimes get a little jealous. She quilts the cutest blocks and blankets and hosts the weekly Rainbow Scrap Challenge in which I participate. I mentioned in my quilting (Q) post that she keeps me motivated with a different color each month. This blog has introduced me to several wonderful quilters and everyone has been so encouraging. I'm blessed to have found someone to lead the way!

Then there's Brenda from It's All Good!  Ok, this lady makes me laugh! From her falling in the fountain header to the funny way she looks at life...she makes me giggle. I love how she finished up the A-Z (you'll just have to go see it). I would have stressed and apologized for not posting for each of the last few letters, but Brenda, no way, she had fun with it and I wish her well dog-sitting. Wish I could have a week off with no computer. :)  Brenda is someone that would be fun to hang around with, so I do...on her blog.

I appreciate everyone who stops by my blog and leaves a comment. I've enjoyed this A-Z Challenge, so much so, that I have a folder in my Favorites of the new friends I've made this month.

Thanks, everybody, for sharing your lives with us! I am blessed to call you bloggy friends!


Mari said...

Perfect for Y! You've linked to many great bloggers!

scraphappy said...

Thanks so much for the great shout out and praise for so many blogs. We all appreciate your enthusiasm on Scraphappy Saturdays and are so happy to have you join in the fun. It has been so fun getting to know so many great people through bloggging. What a great addition it has been to my life!

sara said...

You are so sweet!! And I think you just gave me the encouragement I needed to jump back into my blog after my hiatus....thanks!

gail said...

Aw, thank you, Angie! I'm so glad I found you, too!

Nel said...

Thanks for the kind words girl! I was just talking to my hubby about you last night. I told him how I look forward to reading your posts because you write from the heart! I told him if we ever come out that way we had to make sure we left some time open so we could meet. That would be too cool! Thanks again friend!
until next time... nel

Joyce said...

Aww, so sweet! Thanks Angie! Happy Sunday!

jen@ living a full life said...

Hi Angie,
Taking my last Sunday of the A-Z Challenge to do a bit of last minute visiting. So sorry I didn't get to meet you sooner, what a sweet blog you have....
newest follower, Jen

mare ball said...

how nice of you to suggest other blogs, to highlight the ones you admire. This has been great exposure for all of us!

Susan said...

Totally agree with you on Brenda!!

Jewel said...

Thank you so much, Angie, for the kind words! And what a wonderful idea of using YOU for your letter Y!! Awesome!!

Brenda said...

I'm Back...and you made my day, Angie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words. I feel the same about you! I know I'd probably have to make a serious investment in Depends if we were to meet IRL...just sayin'! Who knows?
Nice having a new friend!