Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N - News

News? How do you get it?

When I was a kid/young adult, newspapers were the go-to source for news. I have to admit, the comics were usually the first section I turned to, but I generally knew about what was going on in the world.

Today I get my news from my MSN homepage. The only problem, it's not very indepth. I've recently caught myself saying in conversations, "I saw something about that." The only problem is, that's it. I don't have a lot of information, thus, I don't have an informed opinion.

I also listen to news radio when my kids aren't in the car. I listen to a local station, but their news cycle is repeated hourly. Again, I'm just skimming for news, but not getting any meat.

Even though we don't have tv in our home, I did watch several of the GOP debates. I purposefully watched online so I could have an informed opinion regarding my choice for a candidate.

I have to admit, I read more blogs (love you bloggy friends) and WonderWall (MSN's celebrity gossip site) than I do anything resembling hard hitting news. Over Lent I gave up the celebrity reading and to be honest, I felt the void. Now that I'm back to reading who's dating who, who's finally getting married, etc I can honestly say I wish I'd never returned. I could be doing something more profitable.

I would prefer to not spend money getting news (ie newspapers that stack up), but I would love to change up how I'm getting information about the world.

So...how do you get news? Any tips?


Joyce said...

Mostly television news programming or radio but I listen to a variety of programs since news is no longer 'just the facts'. I still enjoy a newspaper but don't subscribe. I like the crossword puzzles so often buy a Sunday paper after church where I have time to lounge on the couch and read/nap.

gail said...

I don't trust anything but do watch cable news.

Nel said...

I watch the news once in awhile, mostly get it from the internet. I usually read the articles if they catch my interest. I have never been a big newspaper person. I used to get a sunday paper in Arkansas for coupons and ads, but I have not done that since in MO. We do get our neighborhood paper occasionally.
until next time... nel

Brenda said...

We don't have a tv either except for watching dvds. My homepage is set to Fox News. It's all so biased.

Kris Coffee said...

www.drudgereport.com - There's some celebrity stuff, but it gathers from lots different sites which I like. We do run into a wall every now and then and are not able to open certain sites...they don't want us TOO informed over here.

g-girl said...

I watch the local news. I also get a daily newsletter with the headlines from one of the local papers. Like you, I skim the celebrity stuff (via blogs) too. We also just began a free subscription to Newsweek. I also watched bits of the GOP (caucuses).