Monday, June 18, 2012

PicMonkey Rocks

Just a quick note to you ladies who said to try out PicMonkey! It rocks and so do you!! I'll be back with pictures soon! Yay!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

P365-Weeks 16, 17 & 18

I haven't done well keeping up with posting my 365 pictures now that Picnik has closed down. It was so easy to edit photos using that site and I haven't found anything that fills in the gap. However, I promised myself that I would do my best to catch up, not only for myself, but for my sis-in-law who keeps up with our life by reading my blog.

So, I've spent considerable time this afternoon putting together the rest of April and the beginning of May. I hope to catch up by next weekend so I can participate in Sarah's next linky party.

Week # 16:

Sunday, April 15 -
The pool cover came off today. Nasty. Ready to be serviced!

Monday, April 16 -
I got out my English mug rug and had tea and lemon cookies!

Tuesday, April 17 -
wrote about People Colors in a separate blog post

Wednesday, April 18 -
a wounded bird Mark packed up
and took to the local wildlife rescue center

Thursday, April 19 -
 German candy from a new friend

Friday, April 20 -
 We showed Tara the tiles that Ashley & Rhett
made for the floor of the local Nordstoms many years ago.

Saturday, April 21 -  
Happy Birthday to Tara - lunch out to Red Robin, her favorite!
(love the fashion glasses!)
Week 17:

Sunday, April 22 -  
Katie's birthday present to Tara - a Big Sister/Little Sister Necklace
(ok, it was the night before, but they wore the necklaces to church the next day!)

Monday, April 23 -
Mail to go to the post office

Tuesday, April 24 -  
Charms getting cut for a quilt swap

Wednesday, April 25 -  
Tara was in a play entitled, "We're the best."
She was a lady bug. Aww.

Thursday, April 26 -
Caramel Apple Cake.
Extra decadent because I made it with twice the amount of caramel that it called for. Oops!

Friday, April 27 -  
 600 charms packed and ready to go.

Saturday, April 28 -
Oops! Missed this one!

Week 18:

Sunday, April 29 -
I found this orange-soaked pound cake on the back of a Betty Crocker pound cake box and gave it a try. So yummy!

Monday, April 30 -
Oops! Missed another one.

Tuesday, May 1 -   
My kids were gone for a few days so Mark and I
cleaned the LR furniture! So romantic.

Wednesday, May 2 -  
 Spring rain. No time to close the barn door.

Thursday, May 3 -
First dip in the arctic pool! Brrr.

Friday, May 4 -  
A good wind before another rain

Saturday, May 5 -  
Rhett played Mr. Valentine in the play Twelfth Night
with his Shakespearean Youth Acting Troupe.
He also wrote or arranged all the music for the show.
Good job, son!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sometimes life is too funny! I whine about being busy and then announce a goal with the hopes of keeping on task. Then...

my computer crashes.

Blue screen.


My husband emptys the poor thing and reinstalls a fresh Windows and I'm still getting a blue screen every once in a while.

Diagnosis: a new hard drive next. Sigh.

So if I can get on, I'll be sure to do so. If not, I'll be back.

BTW, have you all seen We bought a Zoo? (movie on DVD) We just watched it tonight and I highly recommend it. 

Makes me want to go have an adventure!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Goal for June

I don't have much time today, but after posting only 3 times in May on this blog, I I feel lazy. Would it help if you knew I was super busy and will have photos to show you once I get them off the camera? Nope? Didn't think so. Just like I tell the kids, good intentions don't account for much.

I've set a goal to post to one of my two blogs each weekday in June, beginning today. Hopefully, you'll see more of me around here. I figure if I tell you now I will be more likely to keep my word. Thanks for being there for me. : )

If you have a party with kids in attendance be sure to check out the tricky summer treat on my cooking blog (link in the sidebar.) It's a fun one they will enjoy making and eating.

Until tomorrow,