Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sometimes life is too funny! I whine about being busy and then announce a goal with the hopes of keeping on task. Then...

my computer crashes.

Blue screen.


My husband emptys the poor thing and reinstalls a fresh Windows and I'm still getting a blue screen every once in a while.

Diagnosis: a new hard drive next. Sigh.

So if I can get on, I'll be sure to do so. If not, I'll be back.

BTW, have you all seen We bought a Zoo? (movie on DVD) We just watched it tonight and I highly recommend it. 

Makes me want to go have an adventure!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


mare ball said...

I want to see the Zoo movie!

BARBIE said...

I am sorry about your hard drive. That has to be frustrating. Our family loved that movie!

Joyce said...

Computer issues-ugh! Good luck with that! I loved the movie : )