Monday, April 16, 2012

L - Life (P365 for weeks 12 - 15)

Sara hosts the P365 Project over at

I have participated off and on for 3 years and I'm trying to be more diligent this year. So far I haven't missed taking a daily picture, but I have been remiss in posting my pictures each week.  Here I am with another post to catch up!

Monday, March 19 -

The chicks move out of the office into the barn.

Tuesday, March 20 -

I begin a week long baking frenzy to make 500 sugar cookies for a family Easter event at our church.
(15 batches total. Whew!)

Wednesday, March 21 -

The car wash has been out-of-order and I truly look like I live in the country. Eww.

Thursday, March 22 -

The horses enjoy getting sprayed down. 
They will turn around and back up to the fence to get their showers.

Friday, March 23 -

Easter event at church - a big success

Saturday, March 24 -

Six new chicks added to the pen in the office. These are bright yellow!

Sunday, March 25 -

The Martens' girls are ready for a special drama/worship program called KidStuff.

Monday, March 26 -

Remember the quilt I made for a mini-quilt swap?
Here's the quilt and extra gifts I received from a sweet lady in TX.

Tuesday, March 27 -

Time to fire up the grill for our first spring burgers.

Wednesday, March 28 -

We tied up the dog on the front porch and she got bored and made puzzle-pieces of my doormat.
I asked the girls to take a trash bag out after dinner and pick up the pieces, but they had already begun putting them back together in front of the door.  That cracked me up!

Thursday, March 29 -
I love dandelions and Picnik effects (how I will miss you picnik!)

Friday, March 30 -

The chickens are growing!

Saturday, March 31 -

The horses have to be brought into the corral at night to curb their eating of the rich grass.
This is their usual sleeping spot where you can find them in the morning.

Sunday, April 1 -

Mark came to church casually dressed and said this was his Palm Sunday shirt. :)

Monday, April 2 -

April's calendar page

Tuesday, April 3 -

The chickens explore outside for the first time.

Wednesday, April 4 -

We filled 170 eggs for an Easter egg hunt on the farm.

Thursday, April 5 -

We invited 9 families from our Homeschool CoOp (30 people) and enjoyed a picnic lunch, Easter egg hunt and smores.

Friday, April 6 -

Easter Mantel

Saturday, April 7 -

We celebrated Easter a day early so we could serve freely at church the next day.
The pic at the top left makes me laugh. They are looking diligently in the pantry for an egg and it's sitting right on the door handle just past them. Love it!

Sunday, April 8 -

I made a sunflower/peep cake for Easter. So easy and cute!

Monday, April 9 -
A clear spring day with soft clouds.

Tuesday, April 10 -

Katie being silly.

Wednesday, April 11 -

Jewelry give-away on my blog.

Thursday, April 12 -

Tiny Taco Meatball appetizer on Doritos. (watch for the "T" post on my cooking blog)

Friday, April 13 -

Rhett becomes an Eagle Scout!

Saturday, April 14 -

We had a BBQ with 18 people at our house. We had three different countries and four different states represented - it was quite the international crowd! We shared the Martens' smores with them.
(Again...wait for the "S" post on my cooking blog!)

That should catch you up! Hope you're enjoying your spring!


gail said...

I so enjoy your pictures!


Loved all the shots of the food....the peeps sunflower cake was precious. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your life with us. I so enjoyed it.

Nel said...

I love your pictures. Your farm looks wonderful. How I miss the country!
until next time... nel

Kris Coffee said...

I can't get enough of your pictures! I miss you.
I was just looking through older pictures today and came across one of dad looking an awful lot like the one of a Hawaiian shirt, of course.