Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U - Ukulele

I have been helping my son prepare music he wrote/arranged for his Shakespearean Acting Troupe and one of the girls in the show is playing a ukulele. We have several guitars in our home (and a few players), but I've never really been interested in learning how to play the guitar. I play the clarinet and a little piano, but guitars...eh. However, when I hear the ukulele I always think to myself, "I'd like to learn to play that!" It might be because it reminds me of the beach.

One of my favorite CD's that Mark picked up at Pier One in the late 90's is Calypso Cafe. I don't know if it has ukuleles in it, but I really go for beachy music! A lot.

So when my oldest daughter and I were watching American Idol a few years ago (2008) we both fell in love with Jason Castro! He became our new guy to root for mainly (for me) because I like any boy who can teach himself how to play the ukulele in one week and then perform on national television. Plus, I like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Did you know the ukulele is from Hawaii? ;) It originated in the 19th century as an Hawaiian interpretation of small guitar-like instruments taken to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century, and from there spread internationally.

Think Don Ho. Hello, anyone out there?

I loved Don Ho.

I guess I do have a beach sensibility about me.

All I know, I love ukuleles. A lot.

Got any hidden loves that fit U?


gail said...

There is something happy about the ukulele!

Nel said...

I agree with Gail it is a happy instrument, but has that beachy sound. You can almost hear the waves.
until next time... nel

Joyce said...

Definitely makes me wish I were on a beach in Hawaii : )

Conny said...

in my world, Don Ho = ukeleli!!!! :)

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I remember Don Ho!
I actually played a little ukelele in public school. I was no Jason Castro, though. Plus I didn't have his hair. Plus I couldn't sing. And I wasn't even male. So, you see, I wasn't him at all.
Don Ho? Not much like him, either. Other than we both have round faces.
Anyway, nice to meetcha, Angie! New follower here! *waving*

Francene Stanley said...

I know the sound, but can't say I've ever heard a ukulele on it's own.


Mari said...

I like the ukelele too - it's unusual and cheerful! We cheered for Jason Castro too.

g-girl said...

I like beachy music too. For a while there, everyone was doing their own rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow!" When I think ukulele, I think of Al from Happy Days!