Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V - Variety

I don't know about you, but I like variety! I like a variety of foods, movies, crafts, colors, styles, and even blogs!

I was thinking about "V" today and I wondered what other A-Z bloggers might write for "V."  I enjoy a variety of blogs, but I've found that my favorite blogs are ones that don't necessarily focus on one thing like cooking, decorating, writing fiction, etc. I tend to most often visit those blogs that spice up it's content with VARIETY!  A little humor, travel, creative endeavors, family stories, etc is what interests me. I think the one thing this A-Z Challenge has taught me is that I am on the www (world wide web) to make new friends. With that as my reason, I want to know all about the variety in your life, not just one facet of you.

I have followed bloggers who blog about one subject (I hear that's one way to make money blogging), but I get bored OR I don't want to read about organizing, decorating, cooking, or crafting EVERY day so I only visit occasionally. However, other ladies who just share their lives online, those are the ones I will visit everyday. I want to know what's happening...what's new.  I have dreams of meeting some of my fellow bloggers someday in real life. They feel like real life friends already so why not?!

How about you? Do you enjoy blogs that only serve up one topic? Do you feel like your fellow bloggers are friends? Would you enjoy meeting someone you've followed someday? Do you enjoy a blog that writes about several different topics?

As they say, Variety is the Spice of Life!


Conny said...

I too enjoy the blogs where people just "share" about their lives, their struggles, their discoveries, etc etc etc. :)

g-girl said...

For me, I have at least one thing in common with the blogs I tend to follow. I like to hear about people's day to day and their thoughts on things. Some of my bloggers are definitely friends and if we lived closer by one another, we'd be over each other's houses ALL the time!

Joyce said...

My favorites are the blogs that show a 'slice of everyday life'. I've met two women in person thru blogging...we all write about a similar stage of life/parenting, etc. and have lots in common so its been easy to connect in person.

There is definitely something for everyone out there in the blogosphere!

gail said...

It's all about personality!