Monday, April 23, 2012

T - Ten Things To Tell

Many bloggers have lists of 100 things they share about themselves.
I thought I'd use "T" to share 10 things about myself today.

1) I am the eleventh generation in a southern family, but my mother delivered me in IL...the first "yankee" born.

2) I can't remember eating a canned vegetable until I got to college.
(I grew up with a two acre garden and we grew all the vegetables we ate.)

3) When I first heard my voice on a answering machine recording, I burst into tears because I thought I sounded like Nellie Olson (Little House on the Prairie.)

4) As a girl I used to spend hours cutting clothing models from the JCPenney catalog to use as paper dolls.

5) I am the only 45-year-old woman I know who has experienced a home with a two-seater outhouse, hand water pump on the back porch and a wringer washing machine. (at my great-grandmother's house)

6) I grew up singing in church and in the school choir. During my senior year of High School my small ensemble won a National Singing Competition at Bob Jones University.

7) I once dated my high school teacher (I was a freshman in college.)

8) I've been engaged twice.

9) I've had 4 c-sections, which resulted in 4 amazing kids!

10) I married someone my parents didn't like, but now I sometimes think they like him more than me!

* There might be a few stories in there, don't you think?


Nel said...

How fun! What a neat idea! Love to learn more about friends. I am glad you clarified about the teacher...lolol. Where in IL were you born?
until next time... nel

Brenda said...

Plenty of stories, I'm sure. I look forward to hearing them! Hmmm...a two-seater huh? Interesting!
You're probably much healthier because of the kind of upbringing you had foodwise.

Conny said...

Loved learning more. We must have grown up in the same Christian school circles. My school in Knoxville/Powell also did all the competitions that ended up at nationals at BJU!!
I too married a man my parents didn't approve of ... but 20 years later, I am happy to have proved them wrong about him! <3 :) Great post!

Jocelyn Rish said...

What fun facts! I've actually used an outhouse before, but it only had one seat. I'd never heard of a two-seater before. Is there a partition or do you just avert your eyes as you share the space?

Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,

Susan said...

Enjoyed your 10 things.

When I began blogging, 5+ years ago it was a tradition to post 100 things about yourself, after you had posted 100 times on your blog. That was a challenge and one I worked on for many days to have ready for my 101st post. But, due to my age I found 100 things wasn't really enough room to tell ALL about me so I ended up doing 100+ The Rest of the Story!!

Joyce said...

Do kids still play with paperdolls? They were my absolute favorite thing as a little girl and my own girls loved them too.

I definitely think you've got some stories. #7 is is little worriesome : )

Anonymous said...

Those are great things to know about anyone! Thanks for sharing :)

Love your blog and thanks for A to Z blogging!

gail said...

What fun to learn these things about you. I'm trying to figure out a U post.

Jarm Del Boccio said...

Good to get to know you better, Angie...we know students at BJU, and they love it! Thanks for sharing....just stopping by from the Challenge...


Rhett said...

Lol, as one of those amazing kids of hers I just want to ask. Is she saying that if they hadn't been born by a c-section they wouldn't be amazing? Anywho fun list. Love you mom. (Even though you dated your high-school teacher...)

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Laughing here! NELLIE OLSON? hahahahahahah! That is absolutely the funniest thing I've read all day!