Sunday, April 8, 2012

G - Greetings

Greetings of Happy Easter feels a little like cheating, but we celebrated Easter with my parents yesterday because today I work a 12 hour day at church. I'm honored to serve our families today, but needed to cut back somewhere to get through the weekend so you get an abbreviated A-Z Challenge post.

 He is Risen!

Our pastor says, "Follow a dead savior and you'll end up just like him."
I say, "Follow a risen Savior and you'll have eternal life."

Have a Blessed Easter!


Joyce said...

Gotta do what works for you : ) Happy Easter!

Nel said...

Amen! Hope you have a Blessed Easter!
until next time... nel

gail said...

No worries. On the official a to z challenge, we have today off!

Conny said...

oh, love the quote from your pastor!! and thanks for letting me know we are on "H" today!! wow, I am generally behind in everything ... nice to actually be ahead, even if it is just blogging!! :)

Brenda said...

Enjoyed your pastor's quote.
I'm so thankful for my salvation and to know I can have a wonderful relationship now with my risen Savior. Such peace!