Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 365 - Week 4

Another week...a little late.
Here's how our week unfolded:

Sunday, Jan 22 -

Doughnuts on a Sunday night! :)

Monday, Jan 23 -

On the computers...a too common sight.

Tuesday, Jan 24 -


Wednesday, Jan 25 -

Helping out at church filling up the preschool bins for Sunday

Katie got a new facepainting book-first projects: flip-flops and tatoos.

Thursday, Jan 26 -  

Chickens in the baking making

Friday, Jan 27 -

Katie doing her homework. I came into the room and she had taken her Dad's hat that was lying around and put it on like this! Ha! Should we tell him where it's been?

Saturday, Jan 28 -

Veranika, German Sausage & Gravy - remembering Grandpa who died a year ago

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gail said...

I've said it before, "Your family looks like so much fun!"

Joyce said...

What a nice keepsake-a year at a glance : ) I should never look at pictures of donuts. Just sayin'!