Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I'm joining Joyce this week in the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

1. What are three words you would use to describe your 2011?

change, peace (beyond understanding), recovery

2. Do you like shrimp? What's your favorite way to have it prepared?

I LOVE shrimp, but can't eat it anymore. The last time I ate it, I went to bed for the night and woke an hour later in hives. Yikes!

3. Is your house de-Christmased? If so when did you tackle that job? If not, when will the decorations come down?

My home is 99.8% de-Christmased.  We started on Sunday night and finished up tonight. I still have some linens/towels to wash and put away; then it will be done.

4. Do you like to watch scary movies?

Uh. I don't like horror movies (Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc). Hate those. I do like intellectual thrillers, usually once.  I like Sci-fi shows like Fringe (although I gave that up this year...just got too weird.)  When Rhett and I would watch Fringe I would sit curled up on the couch and freak out during the commercials. So I guess, I don't do "scary" well.

5. ice skating~sledding~skiing~snowboarding~of the four listed which wintertime activity do you most enjoy?

Ha! Curled up in a blanket, reading a book and drinking hot chocolate - that's my fave wintertime activity. However, if you want an active answer, then I choose scraping snow off the car, shoveling the sidewalk and having a snowball fight with my kids. I actually love all three of those things. Go figure.

6. Did you have a childhood hideout? Describe it.

My room.  My grandma worried I spent too much time in there. :)

7. What's a place or space that motivates you?

The public library. I can get poetic talking about the library. I come alive amidst the books. I fantasize about getting locked in over night; what fun that would be!  So many things to learn. I love the smell of the books, the quiet hum, and the tables tucked into private corners. Love it!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm fixated on my New Year's goals right now. (It's only day 4!) I have been using this new form to organize each day and it has been very effective. Having blocks of time organized has helped me keep focused; I'm loving it!


Joyce said...

I may have had a dream or two about being locked in the library overnight : ) I could definitely get lost in of my favorite places. Happy New Year!

gail said...

Most of my librarians and I are on a first name basis!