Monday, January 23, 2012

P365-Weeks 1-3

A couple of years ago I began participating in Sara's Project 365 in which you take a picture everyday to facilitate remembering your year. The first year (2010) I didn't do too badly; I think I posted on my blog into the fall. Then last year I only posted into the spring (a funeral, a wedding and a move will do that to you, I guess.)

Anyway, I'm going to give it a try again this year. I've set a goal to snap a picture everyday and so far, so good. What I should have done was set a goal to POST those pictures every week. Maybe I'll have to make an addendum. Anyway, I've finally gotten the first three weeks of January's pictures ready to share so here we go!

Sunday, Jan 1-

Christmas Screen Saver needs to go!

Monday, Jan 2 - 

Back to School - a science experiment about air expansion

Tuesday, Jan 3 -

A new Kinnect! The girls are having fun!

Wed, Jan 4 -

A flock of noisy, hungry birds descend on our yard

Thursday, Jan 5 -

Katie's guests at her movie-themed 10th birthday party

Friday, Jan 6 -

Biscuit's not a fan of the camera!

Saturday, Jan 7 -

We've had so much fun with the VIP entrance on our Powder Room Door (leftover from Katie's birthday party) that we've decided to leave it up a little longer. (It finally did come down.)

Sunday, Jan 8 -

O, Cheesecake Factory, how I love you!
(Chocolate Macaroon-Mom, Coffee/Kahlua-Mark & Katie, Pumpkin-Rhett)

Monday, Jan 9 -

First snowfall in January. A dusting really.

Tuesday, Jan 10 -

Quilt Material...I need to get started! (Face the fear!)

Wednesday, Jan 11 -

Using my hot pink purse this week. Bright!

Thursday, Jan 12 -

Stopped by a friend's house and saw her daughter's Senior Project
 - an Illuminated Bible, the Gospel of John.
It was so cool in person! She designed and created each picture. Wow!

Friday, Jan 13 -

Two beautiful horses who will be boarding at the farm for a while.
The lighter brown horse is Ruby; the darker one is Mike.

Saturday, Jan 14 -

Company's coming; made some homemade rolls.

Sunday, Jan 15 -

I work about 12 hours on Sunday and this is one of my responsibilities - keep all the staff and volunteers in our children's department caffeinated!

Monday, Jan 16 -

Horses. Sigh.

Tuesday, Jan 17 -

Ah! The material got washed, pressed, cut and pieced together!

Wednesday, Jan 18 -

My kid's reading while they wait for a play to begin.

Thursday, Jan 19 -

I have to pay an arm and a leg for the road on the left, but it's worth it once a week!

Friday, Jan 20 -

A meal for a friend returning home from the hospital.

Saturday, Jan 21 -

I couldn't pick just one picture for this day!

A little Currier & Ives :)

Buddies! Mark was studying for school when Biscuit decided she needed to keep him company. Cozy!

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gail said...

What a wonderful story your pictures tell!

semperfi said...

great pics. Thanks for sharing

Helen said...

Love your pictures! I think my favorites are the water with the barn in the back ground, the kids and dog on the deck, The other barn picture and your hubby cuddling with the dog! Thanks for sharing!

sara said...

great job getting caught up!!!

I tend to download and post all of mine on Saturday. it just works for me.

Kim said...

Lovely photos! Good job on the photo-a-day. I haven't managed that. I keep forgetting to take photos on Sundays and Mondays :( Anyway, really enjoyed seeing how your January is going :)

Have a great week!

Nel said...

Loved your pictures. Love the ones with the barn in them, could be because I am a barn nut. I make my hubby stop going down the road if I see one I have not photographed yet. The dusting of snow ones were very pretty too. How I miss the country!
until next time... nel