Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Routine

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A long time ago I wrote down all the tasks that I wanted to complete during a week's time. Then I divided the tasks out between the days and made a simple list to follow. Over the years, the Weekly Routine has morphed into whatever was needed at the time, some years full of outside committments, some years focused on homemaking. Here's what my list looks like right now:

How do you organize your weekly tasks?


Diane said...

Sad to say, my routine has evaporated over the last two years, so I'm working through Rachel Anne's prompts to figure out a new housekeeping schedule to go with the new (and half again as large as my old flat) condo. Since shopping places and everything else is new, I'm afraid if I don't intentionally set new routines and practices, I'll just fall into some that won't necessarily be the best, financially, emotionally or spiritually.

gail said...

Unfortunately, I don't! My fibromyalgia dictates what I can and can't do.

jennibell said...

I used to always have a great routine and the kids seem to *thrive* in that environment. Since I've gone back to work, though, I have not found that balance yet. I laughed a little bit at "ironing" on your schedule. . .ha! I will wear every last thing before I pull out the iron. . .but probably because it's not in the "routine", right? Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your week. . .it's the kick I needed to start thinking again about how to put chores into my new life.

Anonymous said...

Of all my goals and hopes for the new year, establishing a routine seems to be the hardest. I think it is because our routine isn't a routine, it changes daily with the needs of work, the boys, and our ability to get through traffic in time to have an evening. I will keep on trying, however. :)

One More Equals Four said...

I am a total creature of habit...laundry gets done in the same order on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; ironing is done Monday and Wednesday night; bathrooms, dusting, dog duty, etc. Mon, Wed. and Fri. you can see, we don't do a lot on Tues. and Thursday because those are our tutorial/errand days. I HATE it when my schedule gets messed up because it always throws me into chaos! Somehow, our house still seems cluttered and disorganized...or "lived in" as I prefer to refer to it!

Hope you had a great weekend!