Friday, February 5, 2010

Allergy Testing

Last week in my Project 365: Week 4 post I mentioned that Tara had a severe allergic reaction while sitting at the dinner table one night. She had small red hives around her mouth and after touching the allergen to her left eye it had completely swollen shut.

For dinner that night we were eating sub sandwiches and chips. I believe it might have been the coconut oil on the Bugles that caused the reaction. We haven't had them in our house during her lifetime. She's hoping it was the sesame seeds on the bread because she doesn't like them. I think she's eaten sesame seeds before, but not coconut.

We ended up giving her two antihistamines and watching her throughout the night (per Dr.'s orders). She went into his office the next morning and was given a clean bill of health, but we still needed to find out what triggered the allergy.

This past Wednesday she went in for testing. She had no apparent food allergy so now we have to keep Benadryl with us at all times and keep a diary of any reactions.

Although she had no food allergies, you can see by the picture that something is causing a strong reaction on the test...

CATS! :(

I love cats; I'm sad. We don't have any pets right now, but if we moved a cat would be high on the list to add to our family. Tara loves ALL pets so we'll have to see what her future holds.

For now, I'm glad my child is safe and we know to be on the alert for potential problems.


2cats said...

Allergy shots is the way to go. My son had the same tests done as your daughter. He was allergic to oak, maple, and pine trees, leaf mold, grass, cats , and certain dogs.
We live in the woods. We couldn't move so he went through about 5 years of allergy shots. We were able to keep the cats and all the trees. We kept a nebulizer on hand and made sure he always had an inhaler in his pocket. He is fine today unless he is around German Shepard dogs.
If I can tell you anything about our experience with allergy shots just email me, I will be glad to help.

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Knowledge is power.
Glad you had the allergy tests run so you'll KNOW what to be on the look for. Poor thang!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Allergies are a major pain. My husband is severely allergic to grass and then dust is on the list.

One time I ate some cherries someone shared at my worked. My face swelled up like a balloon. Well, I've eaten cherries before and never had that happen. So, through the process of elimination we discovered it was a chemical that was used on the cherries during growing and processing. I will not use non-organic foods anymore. After changing my diet I lost 4 inches on my body!

Mari said...

Hi Angie,
Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed your snow pictures. I think I spoke too quickly about our lack of it. I just heard we have 10 - 14 inches predicted for Tuesday day and night!
I haven't heard of the new Milky Way - sounds good!
My daughter, son and I have all gone through the allergy testing. Hope they get to the bottom of it!

Rebecca Jo said...

I need to get an allergy test myself!!!

Milky Way CARAMEL???? Oh no - I foresee a few added pounds in my future!

Hope you're feeling better from the flu! A cold has kicked my butt this past weekend!