Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project 365: Week 8

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It was a little more difficult to find great pictures this week. You know it's 'cause I bragged last week that it was becoming second nature to take a daily picture. Lesson learned. I'm such a rookie!


Our church live streams their services four times each weekend. If your home with a sick child, snowed under, in a far away can always catch a church service via the web. Our site:


I recently put Sara Bareilles' Love Song on my IPod for my daughters. That song makes me a little crazy; it's so repetitive, but I love my girls. Monday while driving in rush hour traffic I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Tara mouthing the words with her hand. It cracked me up! (Don't worry, we were at a standstill!)


Finished up a Bible study on 1 Corinthians with a young woman I mentor.


We went to a new friend's house for a playdate and fell in love with their many pets. Here is Cinnamon-Sugar eating lettuce from Tara's hand.

They had mice, frogs, fish, a turtle and guinea pigs. Each mouse or guinea pig I held in my hands curled up and went right to sleep. It was a little weird/cool. They nicknamed me the "rodent whisperer." How lucky am I? Ha!


I'll admit I've been looking for compositions that I could play around with in photo editing. I like getting a little artsy every once in awhile. Thursday night my hubby was gone for the evening so the kids and I went to DQ! Yum. They have the requisite Dr. office toy - that bead curvy thing - at our DQ. It's so grungy, but I can't keep my girls away from it. I took a picture then used the invert tool on to give it a new look. You can see other photos that I've edited by clicking on the picnik link under my Labels on the sidebar.


Went to the library and got a book entitled

It got me wondering where I include beauty in my home.

Didn't have to look too far. Love flowers and candles, especially in a clean kitchen.


So what does your family members do while YOU'RE on the computer? Here's my two men playing WOW (World of Warcraft) in the same room. They've got headphones on and are talking away to one another and other players in the game. Yep, the bed's a mess. It's Saturday!

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Joyce said...

The rodent whisperer....ewww. Really cute picture of your daughter! Have a good Sunday.

sara said...

I love that your church posts their services like that! that is very cool.

great study. and I am so happy to read that you mentor...we don't have enough women doing that!!

not sure I want the title of "rodent whisperer"! ha!

great week!

Shannon said...

I love the pictures of the men on the computer! How funny!

Dena said...

Rodent Whisperer...too funny. My son had 4 guinea pigs when he was younger. They really can be pretty entertaining, until they get to squealing at 3 am, then...not so much.

You have the nice big bedroom that I would love to have! I've always wanted a room big enough for a sitting are. Not sure why though.

Great photos!

Jewel said...

I noticed that your candle is Home Sweet Home! That is my favorite scent of Yankee Candles! :-)
Loved the pictures! Thanks so much sharing, Angie!

Tori said...

What a fun week! I laughed at the Rodent Whisperer!
I think the bead picture is very fun. If it looked like that for real the kids would never leave it alone!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week...I know what you mean about a picture a day..I thought it was gonna be easy!! Cool that your church does that...ours does one but it is not live. And the flowers and candles are great...2 of my fav things! love the color of your kitchen wall.

Lori said...

Great pics. My son (15) loves WOW. His suscription ran out and so he has been without it for a while - he is waiting to get a job when he is 16 and then plans to renew. Me... I don't understand the appeal

rita said...

Great church.
Loved the mirror photo. It was artsy, like you.
A mentor of the young, not only your own.
And rodent whisperer confirms your gentle nurturing spirit!

Nel said...

Rodent Whisperer... I love it! The title not so much the rodents. lolol. I can remember my granny had a white mouse and I would not hug her until I new that her mouse was not in her apron pocket... as my grandbaby says, I not like them. lol
Had a wonderful time with my friend and I will blog about it, but we are off to Kansas City tomorrow. Eye dr appt for my hubby.

until next time... nel

Amy said... is like my son texting me when he is upstairs and I am downstairs...crazy.

Love that book and your funky picture, very fun. You'll have to keep us updated on the book!!


Darla said...

my son plays World of Warcraft's addicting i guess. seems to be the thing right now. i also want to check out that book living artfully! sounds like something i would enjoy. i will check our library.

H-Mama said...

Oh, girl! My Gracie wants a 'rodent', but I think zhu zhu pets make a great substitute. Hehe...

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Funny that she was mouthing a song with her hand! Never thought of doing that! Ha!

Cinnamon-Sugar is certainly a cutie.

Sounds like an intriguing book.

Just having a clean kitchen is probably where I need to start...