Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Tour 2010, round # 1

Have you heard? More snow is on it's way to DC!

Our near-prophetic local meteorologist, Doug Hill, is predicting another 10-20 inches before tomorrow's end, although the weather service says less for our side of town. Either way, more?


Do we need it?

We could share!

Global warming...you're kidding, right!

After being holed up in the sick ward all weekend, the whole family finally made it outside yesterday. Want to see the pileup?

Here's the tour!

I thought you might not be able to comprehend the enormity of the snow without a little perspective, so on the left is an inch or two we got in 2005. The azalea bush in our front yard is about chest high on me (I'm 5'6" - inquiring minds want to know). The bush now? Obliterated.

My boys, although ill, kept getting out while the storm was raging and clearing as it fell. We have one of the few empty-ish sidewalks around. Everywhere else looks like wilderness trails.

Rhett was workin hard, thus the expression on his face that says,
"Really, Mom, another picture!"

I dare not stop the "car man" in mid-stride.

But, Katie obliged and caught my bright & sunny smile!

The snow has brought about new phenomena - like tree-bending...

snow sliding...

fort building...


and drink chillin!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Stayed tuned.


rita said...

Unbelievable! Beautiful and fun, or?

Check my blog for Sunshine Award announcement.

Thanks again!

Catherine said...

My Sunshine Award announcement is up at http://thegiesbrechts.blogspot.com/2010/02/sunshine-all-around.html

Loved your photo essay of the great snowfall!


Darla said...

that is amazing! keep us posted please. i'm so glad i'm lookin at photos of snow and not looking outside at snow... for now anyway!