Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365: Week 6

If you'd like to take a peek into how other bloggers see their daily lives (for inspiration, you know!) join Sara and the rest of the Project 365 gang for our weekly update. Here's how the week went in our neck of the woods.

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Our family had been dealing with some nasty stomach bug so a dear neighbor spent an entire afternoon making us one of her famous Mediterranean dishes so we didn't have to cook. It was divinely delicious!


Fort Building!


My son is taking a novel writing class.
First book finally ready for editing...30,000 words here we come.


We dug out from the first storm that delivered 2 feet of snow to our doorstep. The second storm started to arrive overnight Tuesday through more foot to top it off in the end!


The girls were watching tv from the sled that somehow ended up in the living room. During the commercials it looked as if they were practicing for a future bobsled team....too funny to miss.


H-Mama took a great pic of party supplies in a bag last week and I told her I was borrowing her idea this week. We've had a pirate party on the calendar for weeks; it's been snowed out twice!

We finally celebrated Katie's 8th birthday with friends after being snowed out two weekends in a row. The first week we ate the store bought cake, the second week we knew the storm was coming and didn't bake, and this week we got all "Ace of Cake-like" and made our own. She was very proud of our design!


sara said...

neighbors are awesome!!! that dish looks yummy!

wow, you got a lot of snow...I need to quit complaining! :)

love the picture on the sled!

great week!

Esthermay said...

Do you have that Mediterranean recipe posted somewhere? It looks marvelous!
*Wow* congratulations to your son!
Again: SNOW!!!
Ace of Cakes – no contest! Incredible. These take sooo much time. Nice work.

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Esthermay, I don't have the recipe, but have asked her to give me a lesson sometime. She only cooks this dish once or twice a year.

beckyjomama said...

That dish looks yum-o!

Love the girls on the sled.

GREAT job on the pirate cake!

Looks like a fun week!

The Bug said...

Leave out the olives (those were olives, weren't they?) & I would LOVE that dish. Yum!

That was a lot of snow - but I'm not going to quit complaining LOL.

Angie's Ad Lib said...


Raisins and pomegranates. Liked the fruit addition ok, but it could be Americanized and left out.

Amy said...

Loved the pirate cake, you guys did a great job!! The snow is just crazy this year...everywhere. I am sorry you guys were dealing with the stomach stuff...I think I'd rather break my arm than throw up.

Great pictures

H-Mama said...

how sweet of your neighbor! we love the novelty of snow, but honestly... i just can't even imagine living in it day to day. happy birthday to katie... finally. ;) such sweet girls. your cake looks fab!

{thanks for the reassurance on our upcoming move. it's going to be quite the change. i just keep telling myself... one day at a time.}

H-Mama said...

Oh! And thanks for the shout-out. I didn't mind at all. :)

Dena said...

I love the future bobsled team you have...too cute!

Oh my goodness, I believe you all should be very proud of that cake you made. It looks awesome and very creative.

Lisa said...

Love the picture of the girls in the sled...looks like they are having fun together.

What a patient 8 year-old you have...that must have been very dissapointing to her, but look well worth it!

I'd like to hear your testimony from Esther. Please share when you have time! lisa(at)

We were able to borrow the DVDs from another church and we are watching it on TV. However, if you download it on the computer, I know there is a way to run the computer through the TV and have the TV screen act as your monitor.

Shannon said...

I heard some areas are getting a lot of snow. I guess it isn't exaggeration! I love the pirate theme. That is quite a cake!

Lori said...

That's a lot of snow - and we know snow in Indiana... What great pictures. Loved the sled in the family room. Maybe they were preparing to get in the spirit of the Olympics?

Melissa's audition went well. She will hear in about 3 weeks if she receives an ensemble grant for non-music majors. She wants to major in Physical Therapy but still wants to sing in college.

A novel... wow! What an accomplishment! I'll stop complaining about my 25 page papers for the pathophysiology class I'm taking...

Have a great week!

Tori said...

So sorry the "bug" hung around. That dish looks yummy though!
Love the sled and their looks are priceless.
The pirate cake is great! Made me want to go put on an eye patch!

rita said...

Son wrote a novel?! I'm so impressed. Now what? Will it be published?

Great pic all!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Writing a novel?! Wow!
Cuuuuuute cake!! And pirate girl behind it.