Thursday, January 7, 2010

Which magazine to chose?

I was doing a little light reading behind the only closed door a mother can find peace, if you know what I mean.

Before entering I had randomly picked up two magazines that were stacked together.

This was the first magazine:

Good Article Titles...dreams of "Best Body Ever" looming in my mind...very nice,

but then

I moved the top magazine aside to see what else I had snatched up and this is what I saw:

Oh, Southern Living, how could you in January! Pancakes, Cheese Grits, Chicken & Dumplings, Warm Cobbler, and Much More...

Waaaah!! (with a touch of giggle!)

It's all about balance, right?!

Happy Healthy Eating, Everyone!


Amy said...

My favorite is watching TV and seeing ads for slim fast and diet pills followed by ads for Mc Donalds and Duncan Hines Brownies and Cookies...

What's a girl to do??

Funny post


Catherine said...

Go with the Southern Living! I about killed myself today in my first workout of the year (first workout in several months, actually). I think having my "best body ever" might be overrated.

Catherine said...

Okay, girl - let's spur each other on this year!