Friday, January 29, 2010

Allergies, Terra Cotta Warriors & Pirates

Anyone else fighting the blues...or lack of sleep?

I've just been dragging through the days lately wondering what is going on. I'm sure there is more than one contributing factor, but I'm ready get some energy back, folks! Enough already.

Wednesday night Tara had a severe allergic reaction to something she ate. She did not have an anaphylactic response, but just by touching her eye (I think with coconut oil that was on the chips) it completely swelled up. She took two different antihistamines (per Dr.'s phone orders) and I kept watch over her through the night, which meant I didn't get much sleep. The swelling was still there, but diminished on Thursday morning when we went into the Dr. office. Now she'll have to go through allergy testing next week.

After the Dr.'s office Tara and I went to CoOp and I taught handbells and band. After classes we stopped by the bakery to pick out a cake for Katie's birthday party on Saturday. We found out our favorite cake decorator, David, is no longer at the bakery. He got promoted to bigger and better things. :(

Today we head down to the National Geographic Museum in D.C. to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. We can't take a camera into the museum. I'm bummed 'cause I wanted to share our sights with you all. After our excursion, we'll come home clean the house and get ready for tomorrow's party.

Saturday afternoon Katie will have 8 friends join her for a pirate party! (My delicate flower!) I tried to not get too many skeleton things, but it's impossible to have a pirate party without them. Hopefully, we'll have moms who don't mind. I've still got to come up with a game or two and make some pirate headscarves tonight. It will be another busy couple of days.

Come back on Sunday and see the snapshots of our week. We had one BIG loss already, that we're looking forward to sharing with you!

See you in a couple of days.


2Thinks said...

Oh those allergic reactions, they're so annoying. The museum sounds wonderful! I love museums. I read every word of every plaque. Therefore, my children will not accompany me to any museum.

Pirate parties aaaargh the best! We have had many. Wish I could send you all the boxes of costumes, daggers, loot and eye patches that are stored here from all the years of pirate pretending.

Have a rip roaaaring time matey!

Amy said...

aaarrrggghh...sounds like so much fun!! The skeletons aren't so bad it is the pirate wenchs you need to worry about.

I hope you have fun...or at least your daughter does.