Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's Treasured Three

Other bloggers have their Friday's Fave Five, but since I like to be a little different, I decided to have a Thursday's Treasured Three. This way I only have to come up with three things; how smart am I?!

So here we go:

1) Betty Crocker's Hershey's Cookie Brownie Bar is the easiest/tastiest treat to whip up. When needing something to share with my volunteers on Sunday night at work, this has become my fallback dessert. Everyone loves it and I come home with an empty pan. Buy two boxes to make a 9 x 13 brownie.

2) I used up my Yankee Autumn Wreath candle this week and I am lamenting it's demise. I LOVE the smell of this candle; it is Autumn to me (and winter too.)

3) Speaking of using up this week...I used up the last drop of my Coconut Lime Verbena body wash from Bath & Body Works. I may have to find an excuse to hit the mall very soon!

Got any treasures you'd like to share?


2cats said...

Did you know that Bath & Body has a great web site? They do! In fact it is one of my Thursday Treasures.. The site offers sales and %off things not found on the store.
Another one is something I just got today. It may sound strange but it is a brace for my left wrist and hand. I love to do needlework, crochet, and knit so my poor left appendage takes a beating. The brace will allow me to continue to work without pain.
I guess my third will be a great cup of tea at the end of a day running errands and having multiple doctor appts.

lagirl/Sweet tea said...

Good news - Bath & Body Works is having it's semi-annual sale through this month, so that gives you 3 days to run over there and replace your Coconut Lime Verbena shower gel and get it on SALE (love that word!).

Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Yep, I know they have a great website. I linked to it in the post! :) B&BW is a treat for me, but I might have to check out that sale.

The brace sounds smart and the cup of tea...mmm, I can the goodness already. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Just bought new tissues yesterday and they're scented -- one of the scents is coconut lime! :-)