Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today my oldest daughter (19) and I went out to do a little shopping. We have family members with birthdays next week so we were trying to conquer the gift giving purchases with thoughts of maybe snagging a bargain or two in the process.

To speed us on our way we decided to start with a little breakfast/lunch and considered Bob Evans as our restaurant of choice. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "I could get breakfast, you could get lunch, but do you really want to go there since you work at a Bob Evans?"

Ashley: "Yeah, it doesn't matter. But there's that one waiter there."

Me: "Oh, I forgot about him. I'm in a good mood; I don't want to have my day ruined." (Just bad service and abundant flirting - ewww).

A: "You can just chill out and it will be ok." (Yes, she said that!)

Me: "No, I don't want to go there. What about Silver Diner? They have breakfast/lunch and there's music there!"

A: "Yeah, that sounds good. I want a Philly Cheesesteak."

So off to Silver Diner we happy moods.

We walk in the door and make our way to the hostess. I'm just chatting away about nothing and Ashley gets this weird look on her face and breaks into laughter. I look toward the hostess and there's the waiter! He's moved from working at Bob Evans to Silver Diner! Crazy!

We ended up with a very nice waitress who put us in a back corner at a table with no music. We enjoyed our Philly Cheesesteak and Western Omelette just in time to power through stores with some amazing sales.

The best deal of the day came at Kohl's were we got three shirts for $30. Yay! Ashley picked out a shirt, I got a sweater/shirt combo and then there was this:

I call it the skinny white shirt...not because I would be skinny in it, but I would be skinnier. It doesn't fit at the moment! Ahh! This is the first time I've ever been cajoled into buying something that I actually can't wear. What Not To Wear would be all over this one! Anyway, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it and thought it would look sooo cute on. Ashley said to try it and I assured her it wasn't in my size. We took it to the dressing room anyway.

Needless to say, I did get it on my body, but just barely. I'd have a ways to go before wearing it in public. When I got home and told my husband about my purchase (emphasizing the great price!), I then hung it on the knob of my closet, saying that I should leave it there for a reminder. Then I stepped back and said, "I should leave it hanging on my refrigerator as a reminder." Don't think that would really work too well; it's white, you know.

I am hopeful that I will be "IN" the shirt by my birthday in mid-March. I am hopeful that this doesn't make it in my last blog post of 2010 as "the shirt never worn...but what a good price!" Nineteen year olds...what influences they can be!

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