Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's Lookin At You!

By the end of the year I might talk you into buying your own copy of The Maxwell Daily Reader. I recommend it for anyone in a leadership position (or anyone who just wants to work well with others).

A recent entry discussed how we view others. John says, "Who you are determines the way you see everything." He illustrates this point with a traveler who coming upon a new city asks an old man sitting alongside the road about the people in the city before him. The old man asks him about the people in the city from where he came. The traveler answers that they were mean, untrustworthy, etc. The old man tells him he will find the same in the city ahead.

Later a second traveler stops and asks the old man the same question. Again, the old man asks how he found the people to be in the city that he left. The second traveler answers that they were honest, industrious, etc. The old man tells him he will find the same in the city ahead.

Then John wraps up the daily entry with these words. "The way people see others is a reflection of themselves. If I am a trusting person, I will see others as trustworthy. If I am a critical person, I will see others as critical....If you change yourself and become the kind of person you desire to be, you will begin to view others in a whole new light. And that will change the way you interact in all of your relationships."

Wow! There are women in our scouting group that I find unfriendly and insensitive, but I had to stand back and look at myself and ask, "Would they think that of me?" I was afraid they would.

Tonight our scouting group met and I decided that I would treat others in a friendly manner and take interest in them. You guessed it; I wouldn't have described anyone tonight as unfriendly or insensitive.

Thanks, John, I needed that!

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2cats said...

That is a very good point. Whenever I am having difficulty with someone, or not liking someone, I start to "kill them with kindness". I always see a change. Maybe the change just isn't with them, but also with me. I am treating them better and that changes my mood, which in turn changes theirs.