Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Play Football

I worked 6 hours at church this morning and all I could think about on my way home this afternoon was taking a nap. I was told as I went to lay down that football would be starting soon so I wasn't surprised to hear some cheering as I awoke from my nap.

When I came downstairs Mark and my two little girls were sitting on the couch and upon seeing me exclaimed, "We're watching football!"

Then the following conversation occurred:

Mark: Wanna tell Mom how to play football?

Girls: They have to make it to the yellow line!

Mark: And how many tries do they get?

Girls: 4!

Mark: And if they make it?

Girls: They get to do it again!

Mark: What if they make it to the painted place?

Girls: 6 points!

Mark: What about the white line?

Girls: They can't go over it or they're out.

Mark: Can they tackle there?

Girls: No!

I was waiting for: "We live near the red team, but we cheer for the blue team." I thought maybe that was understood, but still asked.

The girls said, "No, Dad told us!"

Then Tara said, "Yeah, we're voting for them."

Mark answered, "It's not like American Idol, Tara."

She gave a disgusted "Oh" and left the room.

Now wouldn't that make football a little more interesting!


Catherine said...

tHe American Idol moment was priceless!!

Anonymous said...
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