Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prayer for Traveling Mercies

The kids and I head out tomorrow morning at 4am...only 6 hours away. We will drive straight through to Peoria, IL so if you read this, please, stop and say a little prayer for our safety & sanity!

The burial is on Thursday at 1pm. We will have a lot of extended family come in to town so I'm looking forward to seeing relatives I haven't seen in 20 years, but just wish it was under better circumstances.

We're all hanging in there. It will be difficult; she was a well-loved Grandma, but the Lord has given us peace and comfort through it all.

We'll be traveling back home on Saturday and Sunday, then I'll take my daughter back to college on Monday (another 6 hours.) Please, pray for our safety again, if you would.

We're blessed with many sweet friends and I'm thankful for all the support.

See ya' next week!

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2Thinks said...

Praying for your safe travels. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. That part of life is never easy.