Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goals, Weeks 4 & 5

They should be called mere suggestions...wispy thoughts...fat chances. :)

Obviously, last week I did NOT keep a food journal or exercise on purpose. I spent almost 40 hours in the car traveling last week and I did not eat excessively. One does not feel like eating when going through the process of a funeral/burial. The last thing I could do was focus on me. right calf muscle was exercised on the gas pedal. Well, I did use the cruise feature a lot so I guess it doesn't count. My back aches like I've exercised, but I think we're back to those 40 hours in the car again.

I am also not keeping a food/exercise journal this week. I didn't stop traveling until Monday night and the past two days have been basically spent in my jammies just recuperating from sadness. I've got to snap out of it for the end of the week/weekend and I'm ready to do that, but again, just not focusing on the extras.

Maybe next might be good to get back to healthy living just in time for Thanksgiving! (and to end the 6 weeks on a high note.)

I said I'd keep you informed of my efforts...putting it out there has revealed a lot, but I'm being gentle with myself. (at least for one more week)

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