Monday, November 9, 2009

Goals, Week 3 & Funeral

This week I exercised two times and kept my food log up through Wednesday...part way there, but not all the way. We did a lot of traveling/sight-seeing at the end of the week so I was out of my routine. We spent Thursday afternoon/evening taking Rhett to Ashley's university for a weekend visit. Then the little girls, Mark and I went downtown to the Native American Museum and the Library of Congress on Friday. On Saturday the four of us went to Baltimore to the Maryland Science Center where we spent the afternoon. I'll, hopefully, post about this at a later time. I've got some great pictures I want to share.

Last night around bedtime I received the call that my grandma passed away. It wasn't a surprise, but it wasn't expected either. She was 80 years young! (just drove her car the day before!) I just wanted to let my blog-friends know so you don't wonder why you aren't hearing from me.

I'll write more after we return from our trip to the funeral in the Midwest. Please, pray for our safety and that we will be a comfort to those who need it most.

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Barbie said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Praying God's peace will surround you and hold you all close during this time.