Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Week

We have had a busy week. The posts you've seen this week were written last weekend so I could keep up with my blog while my house was overflowing with worked! All I had to do was come down to the computer, change the time stamp on the post and voilĂ  I looked like I had spent time on the computer, when in actuality it was just a couple of you ask, why give my secret away? Because I survived the week and have "lived to tell about it!"

Tuesday - dropped Rhett off at Art class, came home to pick up the house and make a grocery list, picked Rhett up from Art class and made a mad dash to Walmart to buy Tara some birthday presents. (yes, on her birthday - really thinking ahead, aren't I?) After Walmart I dropped Rhett off at home to greet our out-of-town family coming in, ran to the grocery store (gotta' feed everybody), came home to a house full of family, made lunch, made cupcakes for birthday, wrapped presents, visited with family, made dinner, ate cupcakes & watched Tara unwrap a couple of gifts. Then we relaxed in front of the tv for the evening.

Wednesday - made pull-apart bread & scrambled eggs for big breakfast, cleaned up and then went to the mall to play indoors (raining!) and shop at the candy store. Then it was back home for a quick lunch, ballet, playdate with ballet teacher and kids, dinner and then off to Bible study for the evening. After getting home about 9:30pm, my sister-in-law and I stayed up talking for 3 more hours...not smart, but wonderful!

Thursday - my morning started at 6am retching over the pottie because of a migraine (should have gotten more sleep), hubby got an ice pack and I got another hour of sleep and the headache abated. Then it was a quick get-ready so my kids and I could go visit a co-op that we'd like to join next fall. We were there from 9:30-noon. (& it was fun!!) Back home to feed the kid's lunch, a late lunch out with sis-in-law while kid's were napping, back home to prep dinner & eat, watch kid's ride bikes, and a phone call from Ashley saying that she and a friend were on their way home to spend the weekend - so cranked out some laundry to change sheets, cleaned up the playroom, and put together the air bed, collapsed into bed!

Friday - big pancake breakfast, off to an amazing children's park (lots of traffic), back home for lunch, NC family heads for home, took a nap, baked a chocolate cake and wrapped more presents, Dad comes for dinner (table still full with Dad, Ashley & Amber), have our official family birthday party for Tara, put together a week's worth of food for Dad (Mom's out-of-town), watched a movie that Tara chose, stayed up late with Ashley & Amber chatting and watching taped tv shows, collapsed into bed again!

Saturday - girls slept in while the boys took a 10 mile hike, caught up on some laundry, went to the library, more grocery shopping, talked to Mom on the phone, enjoyed general lethargy while being entertained by the college kids. The girls went back to school about 8pm, the little girls went to bed and Mark, Rhett and I disappeared onto our computers until the electricity went out due to lightening. It was off to read by candlelight and enjoy the dark/quiet of the night before falling asleep.

We had a fun and busy week...just having a 1 year-old, a 2 1/2 year-old, a 4 year-old, a 6 year-old, a 7 year-old, a 15.5 year-old, and two 18 year-olds under one roof was excitement all by itself! But we survived it and had a fun week we'll remember for a long time! Thanks for coming, Sis! We loved having you! (you too, Ashley & Amber!)

Fun at the park with cousins!

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