Monday, April 6, 2009

Mark Takes Care of His Girls

Yesterday the little girls, Mark and I went to church. On Palm Sunday the children of our church (lots & lots of them) go onstage and line the aisles and sing "Jumping Up & Down," waving palm branches. (I don't know if that's the actual name of the song, but that's what we call it.) Anyway, it is an annual event that get McLean parents to church 15-30 min. early so they can get their children into their respective classes and get a good seat up front, including us!

We had intended on going down to Lynchburg and enjoying Palm Sunday at Thomas Road where our oldest daughter sings in the choir, but Tara was DESPERATE to "perform" at our church. Tara has been participating (if you call it that) in this event for several years now and not once has she...jumped up & down, waved her palm branch or sang the song...not once. She stands there all "shy," as she calls it, and does nothing. Last year she actually scowled at the encouraging adult standing next to her. So I was not inclined to skip seeing Ashley so we could watch Tara "non-perform." She assured us that she would do it this time. So we gave it another shot.

We got to church and sat in three different seats (really!) trying to figure out which would be the best spot to see both of our little girls. (I'm telling you, it's a BIG deal at our church.) The girls came into the auditorium. Katie was too far away for her to see us, but we saw her. Tara was just a short distance away from us in an aisle and as you can guess, was just standing there. I snuck out of my seat to get closer to her. I wondered if she was just anxious to see us and not focusing on the song. There was an empty seat right next to where she was standing so I sat down and encouraged her to wave her palm and sing. She just gave me a shy grin. AHHH! I kept encouraging and she kept grinning. It just makes me laugh telling you about it. The song ended and off she went without ever once jumping, singing or waving the palm branch. When we saw her after church I asked her why she didn't do those things and she said, "Well, I'm just too shy AND I wanted to be up on the stage." Silly! Of course, the palm branches got put to good use in the car on the way home - both girls "pummeling" each other with the feathery leaves as best they could.

After we got home it was decided that Mark would take the girls and go pick up Rhett and a couple of his friends from their 4 day visit at Ashley's school. I got 8 hours at home by myself! It was a treat for the girls to get to go to college; they love eating in the cafeteria. They also got to see one of Ashley's friends, Captain Redbeard-a student with a red beard. He's very entertaining. Ashley loves having the girls there and shows them off to anyone who'll pay attention. I love staying it was a treat for all four of Mark's girls. That is the way to start a week, my friends! I got so much done...yes, I cleaned, did the laundry and ironing, but I also read some of the paper (never happens) and spent a little time on the computer. It was therapeutic, refreshing and fun!

That's a good man who puts the needs of 4 women before himself...and smart too! Love you, honey!

Two cuties ready for Palm Sunday!

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