Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girl's Weekend

We had fun visiting my sis-in-law, her family & my mom-in-law. It was just a quick 24 hour visit, but lots of fun! We arrived around lunchtime, ate a quick bite and then the girls went to a quaint little tea shop and had afternoon tea.

After entering the door of the tea shop there is a little dressing area where you can pick out hats, necklaces and gloves to wear while you are eating...yes, the obsessive compulsive in me grossed out, but I went along with it for the girl's sake and lived through it. :) We had a "lovely time," as Katie would say. I had the most delicious white chocolate raspberry scone! The chocolate could have been left out and it would have been even better. Sorry, off topic/wrong blog. Ha! Here's a pic of our time together.

(I look like a Bobbie!)

Then we went back to the house and tried to fly some kites. It was a little challenging, but loads of fun too.

After kite-flying we had a yummy dinner. I'll have to try the recipe and share it with you on my cooking blog. Then Grandma, my kids, and I went off to Walmart to do a little shopping while Steve & Kristi put their boys to bed. I had purchased a water bottle in Lynchburg that I LOVE and wanted to try and find another one. Our Walmart didn't carry the same design so I thought I'd give North Carolina a try and low and behold, I found a second one! Yay!!! So much effort for a $4 water bottle. After our little excursion, we went back to the house and enjoyed a night of chatting and laughing. After breakfast the next morning we headed back home so Rhett could make it back in time to go camping with his Dad and the Boy Scout troop this weekend. That's how we got a girl's Weekend!

The three of us got a stash of movies at Blockbuster, junk food at the grocery store and all camped out in my bedroom to sleep. After getting up late today, we've done a little picking up, but we're mainly keeping it low key and just having fun. There are lots of giggles while I write. It's always fun having a relaxing weekend. Maybe I'll get to a project or two...that bedside table is still waiting. :) Hope you have a great weekend too!

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