Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365: Week 10

I can't believe the first week of March has already passed!
Take a few moments and join Sarah and her friends as they take a look back at their week through
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Our children's dept at church hosts a once-a-month worship service for families. This was the first time we've gone and we had a great time! We won't miss Kid Stuff next time!

I sewed and sewed and sewed (by hand) badges on the girl's American Heritage Girls uniforms. Once I was finished Katie pointed out that I had the home repair badge on upside down...on both vests. You can tell I'm handy!


The Father/Daughter dance is still on their minds and they have been demonstrating the many types of dances they did last week. The "sprinkler" is one of their favorite.


Hello, my name is Angie. I have a problem.
It's been a problem for a while as you can see here.

We have co-op on Thursday mornings followed by lunch in the gym with our friends.
After co-op today we had friends over to play!


Mark reminded me it was our engagement anniversary and gave me two little chocolates. Yum!Saturday

There's just something about the profile of your child's face!
They grow up too quickly.


Shannon said...

The worship service looks very cool! I love the picture of the girls playing dress-up. I'm laughing at the one little girl dressed like a super-hero! How cute.
As far as the books go.....that is a good problem to have. We have a little book-itus in our house, except we also have the problem of paying LOTS of library fines. I have a hanging bookshelf that I bought from Pottery Barn a few years ago on the wall next to my bed. It is quite beautiful and handy. It only holds about 15 books at a time, however, so it might not be of any help for all those books under your bed!

Mary said...

What a sweet picture of your daughter's profile! I think the only thing sweeter than that would be a sleeping child. Beautiful!

sara said...

what a great idea to do a family worship service!!

Is American Heritage Girls like girl Scouts? I've never heard of that. But that badge looks fine to me..who knew!

I have the same problem!

great week!

Kim said...

Great photos! I always have a couple books going, but had to laugh at your 71 by the nightstand! LOL Maybe take a speed reading class? :-)

Wonderful profile photo of your daughter!

Have a great week.

Joyce said...

Wow-chocolates for an engagement anniversary! He's a keeper : )

Nel said...

wow I can't believe a man remembered an engagement anniversary. I am impressed! I enjoyed your pics. I had to laugh at the Badge, I'm sorry, and those are such a pain to sew on. The one of your daughter is beautiful. And yes they do grow up to quickly. My baby will be 28 this year and her baby will be 4, brings tears to the eyes! Thanks for sharing all your pics!

until next time... nel

Tori said...

The worship evening looks fun!
What better patch could you have sewn upside down? It made me smile!
You just can't go wrong with the "sprinkler"!
Have a super week!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Awww...sorry about the patches. I'm sure that was frustrating.

Ha ha! The sprinkler. Cracks me up.

Hello. My name is Lori. And I, TOO, have that problem!!! *sigh*

Profiles are precious.

Great week, Angie!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the upside down sewen on badge... too funny!

Rebecca Jo said...

Ummm... I have that same problem... hehe!!

WOWWWWWW - looks like you have an amazing children's ministry team!! I bet everyone loved the service they presented! How can you not love FUN in church?

what a beautiful profile picture. its amazing how quick it does change

The Bug said...

My husband has the same book problem. His office is OUT. OF. CONTROL! I mostly listen to books on tape - but I do have a lot of the regular kind too.