Monday, March 1, 2010

Camera Ready!

Tonight I went to American Heritage Girls with my two daughters. As we walked into the church building another leader and her two girls entered at the same time. This sweet lady had a gorgeous new haircut and I started raving. She looked so cute!

This woman's husband is a general serving in Iraq right now. He has been gone 2 1/2 weeks. I asked her if her husband has had a chance to see the new "do" via Skype. She answered that she has not been able to Skype with him since he's been gone and that her daughters haven't even gotten to speak with him during that time. I said, "Well, when he sees it, he's going to love it!" She said something like she just needed to do it to lift her spirits.

I asked her if he was receiving emails and she answered, "yes." I said, "Then hold on a minute!" I dug my camera out of my purse, situated her in front of a lovely wooden door and took a couple pictures of her so she could send them to her husband. She was thrilled at the idea of forwarding the pictures to him via email!

Now, I'm truly not looking for any praise in telling you about this incident. I will be turning off the comments for this post, because it's not about what I did that matters. Because I have been snapping a picture-a-day for Project 365 I thought about reaching for my camera and making someone else's day. Whether it was Holy Spirit led or just a good idea, I will admit, it made my night to support the family member of one of our soldiers overseas in this small way. Who knew being camera ready could benefit someone else. What a satisfying blessing!