Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project 365: Week 11

Last week was jam-packed with Ashley home for spring break, birthday celebrations, a two-day conference, etc. But instead of just talking about it, here's the pictures.

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Monday (missed Sunday)

This is humility, folks! Me in my ratty robe on the world-wide web. I've reached a new low, but it's worth it. My dream-come-true sewing machine has just been unboxed. I'm literally hugging it! If you asked me which birthday present was the best-ever, it would be this one! (and it's not just because I have a bad memory.) Here's hoping this baby initiates a fair share of future blog posts.


Happy Birthday to Me at 43! Beyond-yummy cake, Mom. Thanks!


Ashley and I spent some quality time getting pedicures - our first for spring. It's so weird how similar our feet are...those long toes and funky little pinkies. I love having my girl home!


Did I mention I love having my girl home? She comes with us to Co Op on Thursdays and hangs out while I teach the choirs and band. Here she is with all the essentials - candy, water, a good book to read, and a phone/book weight to stay in constant touch with the boyfriend. Nothing better than just having her around.


Rhett and I spent a day and a half (Friday 9:30am -9pm & Saturday 9am-12:30pm) at a Leadership Conference. We were motivated, convicted, encouraged, energized and brain-drained by the end. I didn't think to dig out the camera to capture the conference, but here's Friday night's meal at Chili's. It was so nice to get a dinner break and get away for some great conversation with my son.


After the Leadership Conference was over on Saturday I rushed home and picked up the girls. We then headed for a Mother/Daughter Tea hosted by our AHG Troop and our homeschool Co Op. It was a delightfully feminine time and I got to enjoy my two little girls after being away for a couple of days.

An hour after the tea party, I then had to rush to my third appointment of the day. It was another social event at my Mom's house. I was already exhausted, but thought it was right for me to attend. When I walked into my Mom's living room, there on her couch sat a dear friend who I had not seen in two years! What a surprise! It just seemed like the perfect ending to a very full and blessed week! I left feeling full-up, if you know what I mean.

I had sweet Jewel check up on me since I hadn't posted in a week's time, but it was just unusually busy and I purposefully spent time with my family instead of distracted by all the other things that can take me away. I thought about you, fellow-bloggers, and hope that your spring is giving you opportunity to enjoy your family, as well. Looking forward to catching up on what I've missed.

Thanks, Sara, for hosting Project 365!


Joyce said...

I'm glad you enjoyed having your daughter home...those times need to be savored. Your blog is still here : )

I didn't notice you were in a robe...what a wonderful birthday present. And the cake! My favorite! My mother always always made me a German Chocolate cake for my birthday. My hubs does his best to locate one if I'm not going to be near my mom on my birthday (most years actually).

Happy Belated birthday...sounds like you had a full week filled with blessings!

Tori said...

What a fun week!! Can't wait to see what you and that sewing machine will do together.
Yeah for pedicures and daughters and fun times together!
Have a super week!

Susan said...

My gosh you were busy busy busy last week! What treasured memories you made, though. Have fun with your new "toy". Looks like a lot of fun.

:-) Susan

Mary said...

The only bad thing about having our kids home is that the week goes by too fast! Looks like you had a great week!

Jewel said...

So glad to see you are back blogging and that all is fine with you and your family!
Congratulations on the new sewing machine!! A sewing machine is a must at my house, too! I've had my Brother sewing machine for the 24 years that we've been married and I love it! It has been so dependable!
Loved the pictures you shared with us, Angie!
And, last but not least! Happy Birthday to you!! ((HUGS))

Rebecca Jo said...

mmm - is that german chocolate cake? yummmy!

I got me a sewing machine at Christmas that still is in the box.. I'm afraid!!! :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Congrats on the sewing machine!! Makes me feel guilty for not using mine enough. I spend all my time on this here computer instead of in my craft room. Shame on me!

Mmmmm....German chocolate!!

Your daughter's essentials sound an awful lot like what mine would be. Too bad I can't pull off "young," though.