Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project 365: Week 9

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As we were leaving church we saw a girl wearing these chucks. My girls LOVED them! We took a picture to send to Ashley, 'cause she would love 'em too. What's so funny is that when we asked to take the photo, the teenager turned to her dad and said, "See I told you these were cool!" (They zip up in the back.)


Tara gave her own money to fill a baby bottle for the crisis pregnancy center!


The girls are learning about Space Exploration in American Heritage Girls. Here is Katie's solar system. I'm surprised the candy made it to the paper.


A never ending chore...great helpers.


They have finally arrived!


Mark, Katie & Tara attend the AHG Father/Daughter Dance. The girls dressed up as princesses and Daddy got them wrist corsages. The girls secretly went to the florist's to buy him a boutonniere. They got their hair cut/styled and nails was a memorable night.


After playing at a friend's house a couple weeks ago, the kids were anxious to get their own Nerf guns. There are wars going on all the time. How long will it take for the novelty to wear off? They have to wear their sunglasses to protect their eyes, but now they think that adds to the "cool" factor.


Rebecca Jo said...

Are those Belle "Enchanted Christmas" dresses??? Beautiful Princesses!

Ummmm yeah - all four of my girl scout cookies, already GONE - in a week - sad...

Love she put her own money in that bottle - what a sweet heart!

My HUSBAND has those high top shoes!!!! He's a ROCKER... its the thing to wear :)

Joyce said...

The father daughter pics are so those.
I also love the gs cookies : ) I haven't had a single one this year : (

Jewel said...

Your girls are just beautiful, Angie, and dad doesn't look too shabby, either! :-)
Looks like your family had a wonderful week! :-)

Tori said...

Those chucks are cool. I don't think I could pull them off, but fun for young ones! :)
I love the Daddy/Daughter pics. Makes me weepy thinking about it. I think it is a treasure for Daddy's to do that.
That Nerf picture is great! I think you and Mark should get in on the fun too!
Have a super week!

Mary said...

Father/daughter dance: SO sweet! My brother (who has the only granddaughter) and his daughter go to one. Looks like you've got some good girls!

Greg C said...

I want some GS cookies. Please. :)

sara said...

those chucks are GREAT! but glad they zip up, can you imagine putting them on if they didn't?

there is such a special relationship between a daddy and a daughter!! what a fun day and night!!!

nerf guns have always been a staple in our house since the kids were little....I think I enjoy them just as much!!!!

Kris Coffee said...

LOVED seeing the pics of Mark and the girls. Tell my brother I love him and your girls that they're beautiful! And throw in a kuddos to Rhett for hangin' with his little sisters.