Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In A Stack...Report # 5

I haven't shared an In A Stack Report since last July which means that most of my faithful readers have probably never read one of my reports before today.

I enjoy reading. a. lot. I tend to read nonfiction and historical biographies, but an occasional fiction slips in there from time to time. I enjoy fiction and read a lot of classic literature during the school day with my children. I also enjoy light fiction, but have trouble...BIG TROUBLE...putting it down. I have to limit my fictional reading because I'll stay up until 3am to finish a book (like, ahem, I did earlier this week.) Every once in a while it's worth it.

In A Stack refers to the books in a stack by my bed. I have posted about my "problem" here. I can't recall EVER having just a book or two on my nightstand, although the discipline would do me some good. (And there would be less dust bunnies floating around!)

I've recently picked up a book whose author I was introduced to last year. I have, again, enjoyed her writing and wanted to share my find with you.

As I was dropping off returns at the library a woman of retirement age placed on the counter next to me Debbie Macomber's Summer On Blossom Street. I recognized the illustration and author's name and snatched the book up for myself.

Last spring I read one of Ms. Macomber's books, Twenty Wishes. You can read about that selection here. I thoroughly enjoyed the ladies I met on Blossom Street and wondered what was going on in their lives now. Do you enjoy book characters like they were old friends?

Summer on Blossom Street centers around a group of knitters who have joined a Knit to Quit class at the local yarn store. They all desire to quit something: one wants to quit smoking, one wants to quit a toxic relationship, and the third wants to quit stressing over running the family business. It's sheer delight watching the relationships develop and grow in this continuing book series.

I now realize that my foray into Blossom Street was somewhere in the middle of the series so I'm looking forward to going back and starting at the beginning. I have become quite attached to the characters and want to spend more time with them. These books, however, can be read as stand alones.

You can learn about Debbie Macomber and her books here. For a list of her series click the books link on her website. If you enjoy a feel-good fiction, I think you'll enjoy Debbie Macomber.


Anonymous said...

How funny! I have a post this week called In The Stacks, a pic of the baby at the library.

I am the same way. I can't read just one book at a time. I wish I had more time to read though.

Aiming4Simple said...

At least you actually read the books in your stack. Mine languish as I glance at them wistfully...

2cats said...

Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors. The Blossom Street books are great. Have you read any of the Cedar Cove books? I think she is up to number 9 in that series. If you have not read any of those I think it best to start at the beginning. However, they are stand alone books but I think it helps to be introduced to the characters at the beginning of a series.

Jewel said...

I was just at the library yesterday and as I was preparing to check out, I noticed the lady in front of me was checking out gazillions of Debbie Macomber books! Okay, maybe not gazillions, but ALOT! I've never read her but may have to give one of her books a look. I am such a picky reader. *sigh* It's just in my DNA, I believe. A book has to REALLY catch my attention QUICKLY. *sigh* :-) Which means it can sometimes be really difficult for me to find a book that I REALLY want to read.
Thankfully, I have several authors that I know that I like. Now, if they would just put books out more often! LOL

Sandy said...

A fav. author. I too have stacks of books. I will go through each pile and then stock up on some more. A girlfriend visits once a year and brings me more books. I've loved books since I first learned to read and have been known to read cereal boxes if I'm desperate.