Friday, May 28, 2010

Project 365: Week 20

***You may want to start with the previous post to catch up with what's been happening around here!

And more catching up...


In NJ we saw this 2 story inflatable Thai Buddha in someone's backyard pool! That is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. When leaving the area I made my husband pull over so I could get a picture. Just too strange.


No Picture. :(


Katie and Rhett and have been taking art classes every week and we had a year-end art show to celebrate their accomplishments. Here's my favorite painting of Rhett's - a Thistle.


Rhett used Blurb to self publish his book!
When it arrived he was just a little excited!
The Pillar of Fire by Rhett M.


We had our end-of-year homeschool co op music concert on Thursday.

We played multiple bells and really stretched ourselves!

Here is my vocal choir of 1st-2nd graders. I had Tara in the group this spring!

Katie performed on handchimes (back row!)

Rhett played the clarinet in the band.

And...he also accompanied two vocal choirs (mine and the high school's) while Mark turned the pages for him. Those are some good-looking men to me!


I worked 10 1/2 hours on Friday at church getting ready for Volunteer Celebration. This is an event where we thank the 300+ volunteers for the work they've done at church throughout the year. It was a grueling work schedule and my feet were "crying," but it was all worth it! I love thanking those who serve faithfully with their free time. As staff we couldn't do anything without them!


Up bright and early the next morning to attend Rhett's Sonatina Festival where he was judged on his piano playing. He did a great job!

We basically had a major event almost every day this week. We were exhausted, but blessed by each of the things we participated in and attended. I am looking forward to the schedule slowing down though and catching back up with all of you!

**Tomorrow I should have the latest pictures posted from last week. Stay tuned...


One More Equals Four said...

WOW! Sounds like a busy but exciting week! Maybe you can rest over the weekend!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Wow, busy week! I must say though, I was a bit distracted after that very first picture!! Why was a giant BUDDHA in their pool?!! Weird!!

Mary said...

Buddha in the pool? I bet there's a story in there somewhere! Your thistles look wonderful! Wish I could paint like that!

Jewel said... DID have an event-packed week! Little Katie looks soooo pretty as she intently does her part in the back row. :-)
The thistle painting is absolutely lovely! Great job!
That Buddha is a tad overwhelming, hm?
Well, I hope you get to take a breather over this long holiday weekend, Angie!
Remember to take some time to just sit, stare and breathe deeply! ((HUGS))