Saturday, May 29, 2010

Project 365: Week 21

I'm so grateful to Sara for hosting Project 365! I've enjoyed my year capturing the everyday, the wacky and the special. I get giddy (almost) thinking about creating a 2010 keepsake book and it's only May! This week we're going to start and end with flowers...


We purchased a stand from Home Depot that will hold four hanging baskets. Usually the back deck of our townhouse is a little sparse, but this year I am enjoying the added color.


Monday night the girls received their end-of-year AHG awards. As you can see, I was not taking the picture, but at least we have marked the occasion with a picture of the backs of their heads. Thanks, Rhett. :)


I just love the juxtaposition of the little pink polka-dot sock sticking out from under Darth Vader's costume. You made my day, Tara!

Tuesday night we attended Rhett's book party where we celebrated with all the new authors in his class. The teenagers were so excited about their accomplishments. Here are two very important people who helped Rhett along the way.


We don't have extra storage space in our townhouse so that means that whatever Ashley carts home from the dorm for the summer just sits in our basement playroom/book nook. You can see the girls play right up to the pile and don't even ask how we'll get to the treadmill...not that getting there happens as often as I would wish!


We had an end-of-year picnic for our homeschool co op. This is the moment we revealed Pastor Bob's cut out. He teases that he's going to be everywhere next year reminding everyone to follow the rules: no running in the halls, throw your trash away, etc. Wouldn't a paper cut-out of yourself be fun?! (But then, back to the storage problem!)

After the one and a half hour water gun fight in the field Tara got her face painted. My little Darth Vader came back with this snake on her face...not sparkly butterflies or brightly colored flowers like her friends. She's one of a kind, that one! Look at those eyes; she looks like she's going to conk out on the spot, but she waited until she hit the couch when she got home. A full, fun day!


I took a girlfriend out for her birthday and we had dinner at a quiet Chinese place and got pedicures. I LOVE French pedicures! I just LOVE THEM! I am not a girly-girl, but this indulgence once or twice each summer is such a lovely treat for me.


I often purchase flowers from the grocery store to brighten up my dining room, but they're usually the cheapest bouquet I can find. Last weekend I spied peonies and they were double the price that I usually pay. I LOVE the smell of peonies, but I was having trouble spending the money since I know they don't last that long. Mark encouraged me to splurge and I'm so glad he did! This is one of them a week after purchase! Not too bad. I've truly enjoyed them!


Dena said...

I love your hanging baskets full of color. So pretty.

There are lots of pictures of homes filling up with college kids' stuff. I have that in my home too.

Darth Vader wears pink socks...who knew? :)

Kim said...

Your hubby was absolutely right to encourage you to get the peonies. We economize where we can and splurge where we should :-) Things we love are worth it!

A very full and fun week -- espec. got a kick out of the Pastor cut-out!

Tori said...

I love the hanging basket stand! Might have to look into that.
Darth Vader with pink socks is awesome!!
Peonies...gorgeous! My MIL grows them.
Caught up on your last couple weeks too. The floating thing in the pool was really interesting! :)
Have a great week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I like to buy flowers at the grocery store, too. I don't think to do it enough, though. There is something about having a fresh bouquet on the kitchen table or on my bathroom vanity. Sort of gives me a little lift.

I'll bet Tara is something else, isn't she?! A pink-toed Darth Vader...AND a painted snake-face. How funny!!