Thursday, May 6, 2010

Project 365: Week 17

Late to the party again, but I'm glad I'm finally here.
Thanks, Sara, for hosting this meme.


I love to play online games at this site...some weeks more than others.


I am drowning in documents in 3 full file boxes, but I love our troop.


Tara finally got that family birthday party with grandparents included. We had already eaten the chocolate cake so we got a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Babe!


Where did April go?


I was watching the Duggars slam lettuce on the counter and pop out the core. I'd never seen that before! I had lettuce to finish up (it's on it's last leg, isn't it?) and gave it a try. Cool!


I love berries. Happy Spring!


Pulled my hamstring, but still logged an hour on the treadmill at a low speed!

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rita said...

Catching up on two weeks.
Enjoyed the peek into your life--Awana, flowers, birthdays, drama, clay pots, berries, lettuce cor-popping (I learned that trick long time ago too), and you exercise too!