Saturday, January 12, 2013

P365 - Weeks 1 & 2

The last two years I've made it part way through P365, taking a picture every day of the year. I'm going to try it again this year. Hopefully, this year, no matter if I post late or stay right on top of it, I can keep a faithful record of 2013!

Here's week 1 & 2.

P365 is hosted on The Frans Clan blog.

Tuesday, Jan 1 -
My first SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) verse,
participating along with other followers 

Wednesday, Jan 2 -
My girls taking an online Art class

Thursday, Jan 3 - 
I take my first piano lesson!

Friday, Jan 4 - 
Rhett plays with his new IPhone and makes a split pic
of Katie playing chess with herself.

Saturday, Jan 5 - 
Katie's 11th birthday shared with Grandma's 65th birthday

Sunday, Jan 6 - 
Capiz ornament from the Philippines given to me by a friend

Monday, Jan 7 - 
Mini-van packed for vacation

Tuesday, Jan 8 - 
Girls swimming in the indoor pool

Wednesday, Jan 9 - 
Candy-bag Bingo with friends

Thursday, Jan 10 - 
Swim lessons with our favorite lifeguard, Miss Dolly

Friday, Jan 11 - 
Back home, Christmas packed away (almost-boxes lower right corner)
and a new living room arrangement 

Saturday, Jan 12 - 
Katie parties with friends at the skating rink
followed by presents, cake and playtime at home.


momma frans said...

Happy birthday to katie!
Love the split pic. Too cool!
Glad you're giving p365 another shot this year!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Wow - didn't know you could do that with an iPhone. Too cool!

Such great-looking kids. Love their smiles.

Susan said...

What a great idea. I enjoyed seeing these. You captured and "told" a lot.

semperfi said...

Happy Birthday to both sweet gals!!! Love the ornament from the Philippines!

sara said...

so glad you are trying this again!! You can do it!! :)

Love the split pic. it's amazing what we can do with our phones...can you believe that just 20 years ago we never considered cell phones?

gail said...

You are taking piano lessons?! I keep saying I will learn. I even dream sometimes that I can play!


Piano lessons....amazing. Happy Birthday to the birthday girls. It looked as if your week was fun packed. I love Beth Moore!

rita said...

The music scores on the piano do NOT look like a first lesson.
Anyway, good for you!