Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hodgepodge - Jan 16

Hodgepodge Time! 
I'm a little late due to a chicken massacre, 
but that's a whole 'nuther story.
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1. Lake Superior University has once again published a list of words/phrases they think should be banished from the Queen's's the list for 2013-

fiscal cliff, kick the can down the road, double down, job creators/creation, passion/passionate, yolo (an acronym for you only live once), spoiler alert, bucket list, trending, superfood, boneless wings, and guru

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why. Go here to read more about how the words were chosen.

I love spoiler alert! Did I really want to know what happens to Downton Abbey at the end of the third season? Yes, I did.

I've yet to make a bucket list so I don't want that word to go away. :)

I guess if a phrase should be banished it should be fiscal cliff. I try not to get political on my blog, but really can't we see the cliff in the rear view mirror. We're long past it. Sigh.

2. When was the last time you rode a train? Where did you go?

I think the last time I rode a train was taking the Metro downtown (D.C.) to attend a class at the Library of Congress. It's been awhile.

3. Bagels-yay or nay? Favorite 'flavor'? Favorite topping?

Oohhh. Yay, I like bagels.

Fave flavor...mmm, cinnamon or blueberry or plain; Love all three.

Butter & strawberry cream cheese or how about a slice of bacon & scrambled eggs?

4. 'Tis the season of awards shows...if you could star in a movie already made which one would you choose?

Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

5. The move towards single gender classrooms has been making the news in recent months....what say you? Do you think kids perform better if separated by gender and are taught differently or is that discrimination? If you're a parent, is this something you'd support in regard to your own children?

I have been a teacher for 22 years and yes, I think there are benefits to both single gender and mixed classrooms. As a homeschool mom of 18 years I believe that individualized education is the most beneficial choice for any child, although it is not always a viable option.

6. What's your favorite thing about staying in a hotel?

Being on an adventure with my family...and not having to make my bed.

7. Do you have a 'word' for 2013? What's the story behind your choice?

Not ONE word, but I borrowed the phrase, "My Best for His Glory" to be my theme for 2013.

Back story: I don't want my best - my striving - to be for myself, but to be for the Glory of God.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Last night we lost 6 of our 32 chickens. A predator, most likely a fox, killed them. The only traces left behind where 6 piles of feathers strewn across the yard, corral and field. When I saw white feathers in a path from the barn door across the driveway I knew we had lost our favorite gimpy, little, white hen, Bingo. She was a sweet girl.

My boys weren't home and I left them both sobbing voicemails sharing the news. I kept using the word, "carnage." I just couldn't believe that 6 had been taken. We've had a stray chicken nabbed twice, but not a group of them close to the house.
The girls and I cried off and on throughout the evening and I'm amazed how attached you can get to farm animals. My son joked that we should watch The Lion King and then began singing, The Circle of Life.  Not funny! We're supposed to protect them and we didn't even know they were in danger.  Farm life is not for the faint-of-heart! 


April said...

Scarlett O'Hara was my choice, her...a true Southern belle! Oh, I'm always up for an adventure with my family! So sorry about the loss of your chickens...I'm sure that's never easy.

Joyce said...

You peeked on Downton Abbey?! I have British friends and they see the show before we do so I've had hints of a spoiler. I know to brace myself : )

Sorry about the chickens. We aren't on a farm, but we do have a lot of fox. People up here have to keep a close eye on their small dogs. I saw a fox dive into a groundhog hole and come up with one in her mouth. The groundhog was bigger than the fox, but that didn't stop him. Ick.

Sammie said...

Ahhhh Gone with the Wind! These movie questions are making me want a movie weekend to catch up on many I haven't seen in so long!

Sorry about your chickens :( My sister lost her's a few years back to raccoons of all things. Snatching them right through the chicken wire holes!

Life in a Small Town said...

So sorry about the chickens. I could never live on a farm for that reason.

gail said...

Sorry to hear about your chickens.

Have you ever heard of Taylor Ham or Taylor Pork Roll? That's what people up Jersey way like on their breakfast sandwiches! I don't eat it any more because there is nothing at all nutritionally redeeming about it!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. Fiscal Cliff was my choice too. I am so sorry about your chickens. My kids have had problems with something getting their baby calves and their sheep. They called a trapper in and he caught a huge bobcat and a huge coyote. As you said farm living is not for the faint of heart!
until next time...nel