Saturday, January 19, 2013

P365 - Week 3

P365 is hosted by Amy at The Frans Clan.  
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Sunday, Jan 13 - 
My leather bag gave out at the end of the day.
I will have to get it repaired!

Monday, Jan 14 - 
One of our newest chickens is laying. 
Here's a "test run." :)

Tuesday, Jan 15 - 
This is a game at our house. 
If you hold up your finger to Biscuit she shows you her teeth.
Smile purty!

Wednesday, Jan 16 -  
The girls and I had craft time at the neighbor's. 
We learned to make felt flowers.

Thursday, Jan 17 - 
Back to our Homeschool CoOp.
My handbells class is playing Apples to Apples
 in our post-Christmas party. 
(We were working too hard before Christmas to party then!)

Friday, Jan 18 - 
Crafty neighbor makes me a headband with three clips
 to give to a new mom/baby.  Check out her Etsy shop! 
Everything is so cute and reasonably priced!

Saturday, Jan 19 -
Normally chickens on my front porch would make me crazy, 
but since we lost 7 this week to a predator I just want her to be safe. 
Instead of shooing her away, I took her picture!


momma frans said...

Haha, love your chicken picture. So sorry to hear you had an attack this week. :-/

Ridges & Ripples said...

So sad about the chickens! Oh biscuit and her teeth lol

semperfi said...

love the hair clip & chicken picture. The dog pic is great. Sorry about your chickens, hope you get rid of the predator.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I want chickens...sorry you had predators.


rita said...

Oh, no! What kind of predator?
Cute felt flowers!
That is one organized purse!

gail said...

I hear fresh eggs are so good.


Great them.