Monday, January 28, 2013

P365 - Week 4

Joining Amy for P365 this week. 

Sunday, Jan 20 - 
 Katie and I had a relaxing lunch together.

Monday, Jan 21 - 
Our neighbor took out a whole corner of pine trees and now we can see another house. Sigh. We joke that we need more space. It was fun watching the machines take out full grown trees to plant up the street (from one neighbor's to anothers.) If they come back, I'll try to capture the process.

Tuesday, Jan 22 - 
Cold! Brrr...time to blanket Ruby.
Mike is a heat-making machine - no blanket for him.

Wednesday, Jan 23 -
Baked 90 rolls to share at our Homeschool Support Group meeting.

Thursday, Jan 24 -
Spent the afternoon at the grandparents' house
playing games &  eating dinner.

 Friday, Jan 25 -
Finished a quilt for a friend's new baby. (My 3rd completed quilt!)
The back is soft flannel. 

Saturday, Jan 26 - 
The girls had a tea party for their stuffed animals and dressed up. Had to capture this; I doubt it will last much longer. So sweet. Tara's in a red formal that I wore in college. She asked me, "If you could fit in this dress (thanks, Tara), would you wear it again, Mom?" Yeah, NO! 

Hope your week was filled with wonderful memories~


April said...

That snow looks so beautiful...just like a postcard! Ooh...what I'd give to have one of those rolls about now! I haven't been to the Cheesecake Factory in years...I think it just might be time to go back!

The Bug said...

LOVE those outdoor shots - so pretty. I agree - like a postcard.

Everyone is posting food this week - and I just started Weight Watchers (again). Sigh. :)

Love the quilt - & the girls are too cute all dressed up!

semperfi said...

That quilt is beautiful. Love the snowy pictures. Great week


Loved those outdoor shots...and that quilt!!!

gail said...

90 rolls! Life looks good, Angie!

rita said...

My favorite was the blanketed-Ruby one.
Congrats on your quilting accomplishments.

Ridges & Ripples said...

We are finally getting some snow too!

Oh Tara and her blunt questions!

Looks like a fun week!

Joyce said...

We got the new version called Scattegories Categories for Christmas. It's a lot of fun too-we're big fans of Scattegories : )