Monday, August 29, 2011

To Have God's Eyes

I'm sitting at my keyboard and can't even find the words to begin writing this post.

Through a family member, I was "introduced" to Jason and Sara Morris whose daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. AML. I began praying for their family, reading their care page and leaving encouraging messages...from a stranger. But what comfort, I thought, to know that strangers care so much.

Adah, their daughter with cancer, has come through treatment and a bone marrow transplant. Her mom, Sara, writes about their recent move away from the hospital that has been home for the past year.

It is one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. I'm speechless. It's left me thinking and asking the same question that Sara asks.

This year we've buried a parent, seen our first daughter married and are now about to make a major move, one that will drastically change the way we "do" life. Last week we made it through an earthquake and a hurricane. Life just seems a bit crazy, but in it all, what do I see?

That's what Sara asks.

A new light.

To have God's eyes.

I spent 3 hours today talking to an elderly neighbor on her porch who was saddened to hear of our move. Why did God give me the opportunity to meet someone new on the cusp of leaving? There seemed to be a deeper meaning to the divine appointment today. To have God's eyes.

Please, visit Beautiful Addition here and read Sara's post: Wanting to See. You won't be disappointed.

May you see His grace today.


Sweet Tea said...

Just think what understanding we would have if we could see "with God's eyes". Thoughtful post. Thanks, Angie!

Joyce said...

My 16 year old niece was just recently diagnosed with AML leukemia. She has just completed round one of chemo and it has been brutal. Still battling infection in her port site ( they removed the port and will reinsert in yet another surgical procedure) and will begin round 2 soon. It is a long hard road. She has a strong faith as do her parents but still, it is hard. I'm not sure how people survive these situations without faith.