Saturday, August 20, 2011

Farm Naming Contest

In my last post I announced that we will be moving to the farm. Our family is having fun trying to come up with a name for the farm and we thought we'd invite you to join in the fun!

Feel free to let us know which name you prefer below, OR if you have a name you want to submit and we choose your name for the farm, there will be a surprise gift in it for you!

Our family's ideas:

1) Corner Creek Farm (little boring, but we have a creek that crosses the corner of our property)

2) Scarlett Meadow Farm (submitted by my Dad to go along with our Gone With the Wind themed family)

3) Bonnie Blue Farm (same theme idea)

4) Scarlett Hill Farm (see a trend?)

5) Far Far Away Farm (submitted by daughter Katie)

In the previous post, it was suggested the farm will name itself once we get there by the only commenter, Sweet Tea. She may be right, but we're having fun batting around ideas. Hope you'll join in the fun!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your dream Angie! The house is beautiful, and having a red barn is a dream of mine!

Zoanna said...

A farm--how great is that? And there's nothing quite as fun as having a property with a name. I love naming things. I assume your first name is Angela? You could call it Angeland Farm (Angel Land)? Or whatever your hubby's name is combined with yours? If you think Corner Creek is boring, don't use it. Angelacres? I could come up with more.

BARBIE said...

I visited the other day. The only thing I could come up with is "Creek's Crossing". So here it is for good measure!

Jewel said...

I love Corner Creek Farm, Angie! It just has a nice ring to it! What a beautiful place! Congratulations and I will be praying your move goes smoothly!