Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Buddy-in-the-making

Dear Biscuit,

I've never had an indoor puppy before and I'm not sure I will ever have one again, but after working 12 hours yesterday, I couldn't wait to get home to see you! Your whole family feels that way when they've been away too long. You make coming home a real treat!

I could never understand why people talked about their dogs like they were humans. Now I get it.  I'm sure you're the smartest dog to ever roam the planet.

You're stubborn spirit fits right into our family. You teach us patience, calmness, how to play with enthusiasm and endurance, sacrifice and most of all, forgiveness and love.

I keep asking pet owners, "How long will this last?"  Their unanimous reminders, "She's just a puppy."  So there's hope that someday you won't chew up shoes, have accidents, steal toys, eat everything imaginable, bite too hard when you play and run around like a crazy psycho.

Until then...

You're lucky you're cute!


Joyce said...

I need to read posts like this periodically as we contemplate adding a puppy to the mix here. We have a nine year old dog. This post reminds me of our puppy days and I kind of rethink : )

Sweet Tea said...

Look at that sweet face!
Guuurl, you ARE smitten.
She is gonna rule you and make you bow to her every whim, and you are gonna LOVE her and not even remember what life was like before she came to you...It will get easier. We were taught in Puppy Obedience class to keep a spray bottle of water nearby and to say 'NO" loudly and give the pup a quick spritz when she misbehaved and believe you me it works. Now all we have to do is sit the water bottle within his sight and he behaves perfectly! Good luck!!

Sweet Tea said...

Welllll, if the Water-bottle doesn't work you're in BIG trouble, Missy. LOL Good thing she's a cutie. Whacha gonna do?!