Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movin' to the Farm

We're moving to the farm!

On September 1st we'll be moving out to the country to a place on 5.25 acres, with three barns (2 red), fenced pastures and room for Biscuit to run!  Oh my, are we excited!!!

We haven't moved in 8 years. This is the longest we've lived anywhere so I've got some packing/sorting/clearing out to do, but while I'm working on that, I thought I'd get you all to help us choose a name for our new place.

I can't imagine moving to a nameless farm! 

There is a creek that crosses the corner of our property line so we think we like the name "Corner Creek - something."

I have dreams someday of having a small home business and would love for it to share the moniker of the property. has been taken, but not:

1. Corner Creek Place


2. Corner Creek Homestead

Can you see either one of those names sewn into the back of a blanket, or decorating a jam jar label?

So, weigh in on what you think would be a great name for our farm. # 1, # 2 or another name you might have.

"Money pit" has already been shot down.

BTW, my kids are all named after Gone with the Wind characters (see this post), but we don't have oaks, so Twelve Oaks seems out (and the .com is taken) and Tara is the name of my youngest and I don't want to name the farm after her. She's already a little miffed that she didn't get a "real person's" name. :)  But if you're creative, maybe you can come up with something along the movie theme.

To sum up:

Leave a comment with your vote for Corner Creek Place or Corner Creek Homestead.

If you have a name you think we might like, give us a try. If we choose your idea for the name of our place, there is sure to be a gift for you!

Can you tell I'm excited??  Whoo hoo!!


Sweet Tea said...

The house is beautiful, at least from the outside. Can't wait till you show us around the inside. How exciting!...I'm no help with names. Perhaps after you move in it will simply "name itself".

Joyce said...

Wow-what an adventure...You mentioned the creek crosses the property-how about Cross Creek Farm?

Nel said...

Wow how exciting... I would love to live on a farm!
This will be such a cool experience for your family.
As you can tell I have been kinda of MIA. Been working on my photo blog and have it up and running...
Good luck on the naming!
until next time... nel