Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Post - World's Easiest Dog Sitting Job

My son, Rhett, has started his own blog: myimaginativescribbles. So to encourage his writing/blog I have invited him to guest post today. He's been dog-sitting for a homeschool family and shares his experience.

This past week I have been dog sitting a dog named Muki and I must say I have grown very attached to her. Though I love Muki I don't think she has nearly the amount of personality our own dog has.

She is far too obedient and sometimes scares me with her obedience. She doesn't snatch up food, even if it is at her eye level. She'll leave it alone if you walk away from it too! She knows what is her food and she leaves your food alone.

If you say, "It's potty time," she waits at the back door and she will wait there forever if she must. She doesn't bark over anything, and she doesn't seem to mind anything.

She eats, sleeps, and goes out and she doesn't bark at you when she wants to do any of these, she just politely waits until you are ready to direct her to the next activity.

Everyday she waits for me to get up and when I get up I open the back door and she takes her time. When she comes in, she eats and then she waits for me to take her for a walk. Then after the walk she waits until dinner, goes out every so often and then goes to bed.

The easiest dog alive I tell you.

I've jokingly called her "Robot Dog."

I don't know why I felt compelled to post about her, but she truly is an odd dog.

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Sweet Tea said...

I think Muki does sound like a wonderful "Robot dog" and I also think that your son is quite the gifted writer. I'm very impressed. Really!! I enjoyed hearing about his dog-sitting experience. Wish he lived close-by so he could sit for our Boudxy when we go out of town, but I'm afraid Boudxy wouldn't fare nearly so well by comparison! :-)