Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365: Week 25

Hello, Friends! What a busy summer! I'm sure it's been that way for you too. I'm sorry I haven't been hanging around blogworld that much, but I have been enjoying my family and getting some things done so I'm ok with taking the time off.

Even though my Project 365 buddies are far ahead of me in posting their pictures, I'd like to spend this week catching up. I've got lots of pictures to share and want to have them posted for posterity (and for family far far know who you are.)

Since I left you with a prayer request in my last post, I will let you know that the boys made it home safe and sound and had a wonderful time in the Bahamas. Can't wait to share some of those pictures with you too. So stop by each day this week and see what's been happening this summer in my family!

Sunday, June 20 - No Picture

Monday - no picture (sorry, frantically packing!)


A field of concrete corn? Read about this sight here. See close ups here. It's near a hotel that's our home away from home!


We don't have Steak N Shake where we live so it's one of our favorite spots on our way to the Midwest...Brownsburg, IN, here we are! This is part of the crazy crew!


Not long after parking in Grandma's driveway, we found a little froggy friend. (This with a point and shoot camera; I love my Nikon!)


After two days in the car we climbed back in and drove four more hours to attend a family reunion. We made a stop at Dairy Queen for lunch where Tara quipped, "Mom, I'm a spoonicorn!" That girl needed some fresh air! :)

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