Monday, July 19, 2010

Prayer for Safety

My husband and son left at dawn this morning. They are driving to FL to catch a plane to the Bahamas where they will be sailing on a 42' boat - off to have a great adventure participating in a Boy Scout Seabase Excursion.

I am a puddle. I hate when our family is separated. I'm a homebody and I like all the bodies at home with me!

In church yesterday we sang a song about surrender and I just sobbed thinking that my boys may not ever come home. I've teased that I don't want them to end up a Reader's Digest story - "Boy Scouts barely survive storm at sea." Couldn't even think about the story of them not surviving.

They have many hours of driving, a puddle-jumper plane ride twice, and a week of sailing. Ugh. I'm happy they will have this trip as a memory, but I'd really rather not collect any life insurance money if at all possible.

Does anyone else have thoughts like this?

I then thought, "What if they're lost at sea? The insurance company might not even give me the money." Weirdo!


Our pastor has been speaking on idols - anything that takes the place of God. It's amazing how much I depend on my men, but I have to remember that they belong to the Lord. I don't have enough grace to think about losing them. The Lord doesn't give us grace for our imagined fears. He gives us grace the moment we need it.

On the way to church today I was singing along with a Chris Tomlin CD. We were singing, "Your grace is enough, your grace is enough..." It's so true. It's always been and always will be. I just have to trust and leave my loved ones in His hands where they are already safe and sound.

Psalm 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song.


Please, keep my boys safe while they travel and sail. Give them something great to share and remember. Bond their hearts together even more. Let them enjoy your beautiful creation to its fullest!

Calm my heart and help me to trust in you. I thank you for the song that reminded me that your grace is enough. It always is. You are amazing, Lord.

Please, protect us (girls) at home. Give us a great week together. May we rejoice in your abundant goodness!

Thank you for my family!



Joyce said...

You know this was something I really struggled with (and sometimes still do) but then in a funny ha-ha turn of events we ended up moving overseas. Suddenly I was having to face so many of my fears about something happening to my family on a daily kids traveling without me..lots of planes, lots of small planes (I still don't like them!), terrorism on the trains, lots of letting go and trusting God. Lots of grabbing back too-I'm a work in progress : )

Looking back I can see how God was in the details, how I needed to be thrust into those experiences or I might never learn so much of what I needed to learn. And to prepare me for this next season of life with young adult kids living away from home.

I understand your anxiety and I will add your 'boys' to my prayers this week. I'm sure they will have a wonderful time and your son will come home more mature and with some great stories. These types of adventures definitely boost our kids self-confidence in a way nothing else can. Keep yourself busy this week!

Kelly said...

Oh, I prayed for your boys and also for you. I'm with you- life is better with all of us home together, but I also want to celebrate the fun times the girls have away from us, so when they go I spend extra time in prayer and then make myself let go. Easier said than done, I know, so I'll keep you in my prayers:-)

Sweet Tea said...

Yes Ma'am.
I think anyone who's a Mom has had those feelings. I'm on child 4 and doing a bit better now. I pray, then keep myself excessively busy when I have those feelings. Busy-ness really helps. I try to trust God to do his "thang" while I do mine...I bet your dh & son are having a great adventure and making memories that will serve them well. ((HUGS))

Jewel said...

Hi Angie...Joyce said it so well above.
My guys have never gone off on an excursion like yours are doing but I've still had to trust the Lord to keep His hand up on them and He always has.
I remember the first time Daniel drove a long way to see his girlfriend(at the time.). She lived like an hour and a half away. Thankfully, he had a cellphone and Jesus with Him. He did fine BUT ended up having to stay an extra night because of a snow and ice storm that hit northern Ohio. I started to panic but once again had to put my trust in the Lord to help him get home safely on his first long driving trip alone. And he did! :-)
I'll be praying for your guys and you! ((HUGS))

Susan said...

My husband and my DS 3 (who will be 16 this week) both fly those little "puddle jumper" airplanes. It makes me a nervous wreck for many of the reasons you state here. But I know that God has them in HIS care and it doesn't add one single hour to my life or theirs if I only sit and fret about them. Life is precious and I've finally come to the realization that they are living it to its fullest.

That being said, when I DO get anxious and worry I have to ask God to help my "unbelief"...I'm thankful he's big enough to handle that from me.

Praying that you are well and that they have had an excellent time!

:-) Susan