Saturday, July 17, 2010


A little behind the times? Usually!

Last night we watched On Demand James Cameron's Avatar. I liked the movie a lot.

When it was in theaters we heard it dealt with a lot of social issues, and although beautiful cinematically, it wasn't worth seeing. To be honest, I'm getting a little tired of reading movie reviews because there doesn't seem to be a voice out there that has my point-of-view.

Yes, there were social issues and you could totally go off the deep end with the "Save the Earth" bit. I know my mind on the issue and give room for other people's opinions. A fantasy movie isn't going to change that.

It was reminiscent of the Native American culture with some African tribal touches. Although I do not share the same religious beliefs, again, I can certainly be exposed to them without damaging my own faith.

There was bad language in the movie. Before writing this post I went to Plugged In Online, Focus on the Family's movie review site, to see what their reviewer posted. Last December I probably went to this site and read the review and decided to skip the movie. Last night I, obviously, forgot what I had read. There was more language in the movie than I actually heard. I hate how desensitized we can be to our Lord's name taken in vain. I do not recall one instance, but Plugged In assures me there was. I think when military men use foul language in a movie, you automatically dismiss it, especially when they're the bad guy. Not a good excuse, mind you. Just analyzing my lack of detection here.

Anyway, there were scantily clad blue natives and as a woman that didn't really effect me, but it does my teenage son. So I sometimes have to rethink inappropriate dress if we're watching something together.

I took Avatar as a breathtakingly beautiful movie - totally fantastical - love story with a touch of adventure and left it at that. If I had reread the reviews and decided not to watch it, I would have not missed the experience. (Profound, that one, huh!) However, a different choice was made last night and I thought James Cameron made an original movie. With all the remakes out right now, it was fun to have something that captured the imagination!

The movie returns to 3D theaters on August 27th for a limited time. I might sneak away and see it on the big screen. I might not. We'll see.

BTW, last Fall before the movie came out my daughter, Ashley, used a photo editing software to create this creepy picture of her eye. Maybe she was on to something... Ha!


Mary said...

My boys said it was just Pocahontas in blue!
That is actually a pretty cool picture of your daughter's eye!

Angie said...

Mary, that's a PERFECT description! Love it!

Jewel said...

Hi Angie! I believe my husband watched Avatar but it just didn't seem like my kind of movie. I don't care for scifi or fantasy stuff.
I DO know that it surely was LOUD in places, as he watched it in the den! I had to ask him a few times to TURN IT DOWN please! :-)