Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project 365: Week 28

Sunday, July 11

This is a shirt I bought while in the Midwest. I do not wear loud clothes or orange. This shirt is both. I LOVE it. Don't know why, but I would've paid full price for it (but didn't!) We've all got to have something our kids can blackmail us with later. BTW, it was bad lighting/kid operated camera that made my face red - not the color of the shirt. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


The girls were invited by friends to go to a local water park for the day. Here they are waiting just outside the front door. They were ready to go!


I inherited my Grandma's quilting and embroidery materials. Here is part of the embroidery stash. She had thread that cost 15 cents - love that. (I'm guessing I'll have to check for colorfastness.) She also had a set of Farmer's needles. I don't know what half of them are, but look forward to finding out. I love carrying on the traditions that Grandma left behind.


I needed quick and easy meals to cook once I got home. This one is fast and delicious. See the recipe here.


Speaking of 8-year-old snapped some pictures of her brother while he was getting his hair buzzed off. I included a pic of him with a full head of hair so you saw the transformation. Why do guys love to fool around when getting a haircut? (Am I jealous? maybe.) Anyway, we got a laugh out of the curly Mohawk, but I think he looks best with a short shave. Perfect for the upcoming vacation.


We needed to get shoes with non-marking soles for Rhett to wear on the boat in the Bahamas. We went to Sports Authority and the girls hung out under the tent awning in the entry way while the boys made the purchase. The girls pretended to be mannequins and people coming into the store got a good laugh!


Eat. some. cake. This one is to die for. See recipe here.


still.sofia said...

Angie!!! I love this blouse on you, I see why you were drawn to it!!! XOX

Jewel said...

I love colorful things, too, Angie, and love the blouse! The only thing missing are some sequins! :-)
That is so neat that you inherited your grandmother's quilting and embroidery supplies! My mother embroidered and crocheted some beautiful things, but didn't quilt. I'm thankful to have some of the pieces she did.
I do not like to embroider or quilt, but I do crochet! Simple things, that is! :-)